Islamic Republic of Iran sentences man to have eyes gouged out, another has hand and foot amputated

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Iran-eye-gouging-sentenceIran is simply following the Qur’an, which stipulates: “And We ordained for them therein a life for a life, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth, and for wounds is legal retribution. But whoever gives charity, it is an expiation for him. And whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed – then it is those who are the wrongdoers.” (5:45)

And: “Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides…” (5:33)

“Iran regime sentences man to have eyes gouged out,” NCRI, August 5, 2015:

NCRI – The mullahs’ inhuman regime in Iran has sentenced a young man to be blinded.

The cruel and medieval sentence was handed down on Saturday (August 1) to the 27-year-old man only identified by his first name Hamed.

Hamed had told the regime’s court that in March 2011, when he was 23 years old, he unintentionally caused an eye injury to another young man in a street fight, according to the official state-run Iran newspaper.

“It was around midnight and I was sitting at home when my mother called me and said that my father had gotten into a car accident. I rushed to the scene to help my dad, but I really didn’t intend to injure anyone’s eye,” Hamed told the regime’s court.

Following this sentence, Ms. Farideh Karimi, a member of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and a human rights activist, said:

“It is deeply regretful that European governments are not protesting such cases of barbarity in Iran. These savage acts which constitute torture are enshrined in the Iranian regime’s laws. At least four people were hanged in public in Iran last month. Such public hangings also constitute a form of public torture. When people are urged to go to the scene, everyone who is faced with that sight is also tortured by that barbaric act. One must ask: Why has the EU closed its eyes to these atrocities.”

The Iranian regime’s judiciary officials have publicly defended limb amputations, eye gouging, and even stoning to death as a very real part of their judicial law.

Mohammad-Javad Larijani, the head of the Iranian regime’s ‘Human Rights Council’, said on April 10, 2014: “The problem is that the West does not understand that Qisas (law of retribution) is different from execution. We are not ashamed of stoning or any of the Islamic decrees.”

“No one has the right to tell a judge to avert some sentences because the United Nations gets upset. We should firmly and seriously defend the sentence of stoning.”

He has also said: “Retaliation and punishment are beautiful and necessary things. It’s a form of protection for the individual and civil rights of the people in a society. The executioner or the person administering the sentence is in fact very much a defender of human rights. One can say that there is humanity in the act of retaliation.”

The Iranian regime on Monday amputated the hand and foot of an inmate in a prison in Mashhad, northeast Iran.

The prisoner, only identified as Rahman K., had his right hand and left foot severed by the authorities. A second prisoner is awaiting the same sentence imminently….


An absolute outrage being carried out by the present Netanyahu Government witht he arrest above of the  Young Jewish patriot and grandson of the Jewish slain patriot Meir Kahane in which Mrs Shaked is up to her eyeballs

What an outrage! What an absolute outrage that this happens in the supposedly Jewish state of Israel. That the grandson of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, outstanding patriot of the Jewish state, murdered by a Jihadist, should be so treated.


  1. Banned earlier this year from living in Judea and Samaria because he opposed the demolition of Jewish villages in Judea and Samaria by the IDF. Also had been banned from ENTERING JERUSALEM for six months due to expire in November
  2. Is being questioned about Friday’s arson attack in Duma where the Arab baby died. (Police first claimed it was done by Jews. This claim backed up by all Jewish political elites including Shaked. But just yesterday police admitted they had no clue and appealed to the public for help)
  3. The reactionary Government of Netanyahu is using extreme hate measures against JEWS. This involves all levels of this government which is SUPPOSED TO BE a patriotic government. Many Jews voted for this government in the recent election IN ORDER TO KEEP TRAITORS LIVNI AND HERTZOG from having their hands on state power. That was correct (just imagine what THEY would be doing now) but the betrayal of this Government is made all the worse seen against THAT background
  4. A special word of condemnation must be placed against the party of Bennett including Ayelet Shaked, who entered the government of Netanyahu to great fanfare from many conservative type Jewish political figures. On this issue in recent days Shaked has turned out to be the very worst of the worst, an absolute and complete TRAITOR TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE whose statements in recent days place her right at the centre of this hounding of the grandson of Meir Kahane. Bennett and Shaked and the other six of their dismal party so-called (What a joke!) Jewish Home, are right alongside Ya’alon in the persecution of this young Jew and grandson of Kahane.

Let me pause and consider precisely what Bennett and Mrs Ayelet Shaked of as from today ever cursed Jewish memory are standing alongside and these words really do speak for themselves SO PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY:



Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Monday that the government would not hesitate to jail Israelis under those conditions. “We will use [administrative detention] in cases where it is clear that individuals are involved in terror, but we do not have the evidence to arrest them,” he said at a press conference Monday. Ya’alon said that he was aware that the tool of administrative detention was a harsh – and controversial – one, but the events of recent days, especially the arson at the Arab village of Duma, left Israel with no choice. “This will be one of the more drastic tools that we can employ to fight Jewish terror, but it will be used if necessary in order to bring terrorists to justice and defend Israeli democracy,” he said.

“We intend to fight Jewish terror without compromise,” Ya’alon said. “This is a struggle for the image and being of the State of Israel, and we will not give up this struggle.”

Security agents interrogating Jewish activist Meir Ettinger on his involvement in ‘organizing extremist Jewish activities.’


By Yaakov Levi

8/3/2015, 8:45 PM


The central position that I as a Trotskyist take on the Middle East is that the Jews, that is Israel, are fighting against the ghastly Islamic Jihad.

This Jihad is worldwide and it is the same in the Middle East as it is in Nigeria BOKO HARAM or in Pakistan where a Christian Mother is sentenced to death for leaving Islam, as it is in Rotherham in the North of England where Muslim gangs rape and attack British girls.

Karl Marx was a very political, theoretical and studious person. He did take time to study Islam in the Ottoman Empire and he concluded that Islam divided the world into two parts, the world of the believers,a nd the world of the Infidel, and the Muslims waged war on all of the rest of humanity. He reached this conclusion and wrote about it in The Chigago Tribune.

That is still the main lesson today.

the war against Israel by Arabs called “Palestinians” is really nothing more or less than the Islamic Jihad, the same that Marx condemned in 1852. That is about 2015 – 1852 some 163

years ago, a very long time in politics or in modern politics anyway

So why have we not learned. This is because of ideology and vested interests. There are many people who back Arabs and Muslims because of money. One of these was George Bush and the whole of the Bush family had huge ties with Saudi Oil Businessmen. Jimmy Carter huge money from Arabs for his Foundation. The Clintons huge money again from the Arabs. Tony Blair huge money. The Tories same. The Spanish Parties all are tied to this Arab wealth.

And the ideology follows.

The lies follow the ideology which is following the money.

Then there is fear. Many of these and there are many in the world who are scared stiff of Jihad. This is especially the case of the Governments of Europe and America and you can see this especially among all of the Media like the BBC. In fact I heard

You have to be independent to be able to examine things today to look at the truth.



keep in mind jihad



The key evidence as to what happened in the arson attack that burned the young Arab child does not come from any of these politicians, who all seem to have an axe to grind, but from the evidence collected by a young settler who visited the village to pay his repects to the bereaved family.

Israeli society is split down the middle. It is split on this central question which is very similar to a massive split throughout western society as a whole. The question is: “ …Is the Palestinian Arab movement a true national movement or is it an expression of Muslim Jihadist Antisemitism? THAT is the issue. THAT is the issue that is splitting Jews in Israel and is the issue that needs to be cleared up”…

The Sharon disengagement from Gush Katif in Gaza and another area in the “West Bank” was not meant to be a one off but was meant to lead to a total disengagement from large areas of the West Bank and the creation of a unitary obviously Judenfrei “Palestinian” state.

However Sharon was very nearly not able to complete even the Gaza withdrawal because the Hamas rockets were raining down on the IDF even as they withdrew from Gaza and even more importantly the masses of Israelis especially Israeli youth were showing strong misgivings about the whole Gaza withdrawal. It was that movement of the Israeli (can I call it?) mass movement that stopped Sharon advancing towards his cherished aim of creating the Palestinian Arab State, imposing a dictatorship over the Israeli people, thus instituting Jihadism inside of the Arab segment, a Jihadism meant to solve that issue once and for all.

Sharon was thus that section of Israeli society which continued to deny the central fact mentioned above … that what Israelis were always facing was a facet of the Muslim Jihad, all carefully wrapped up inside the Arab “Narrative” of lies concerning Jews driving “Palestinians” from their homes in 1948 and 1967, a narrative never answered by the Israeli elites, who controlled the state coffers, and who always had the means to answer those lies but would not ever do so.

Thus this is the basic divide inside of Israeli society. Is the Arab Palestinian Narrative and Continual Agitation against the Israeli Jewish State part of that International Muslim Jihad, or is it not?

That is the divide in Israeli society and there is no other divide. Of course there are many other “disagreements” but they are not so central as this. Jews have always fallen into many brackets. There have always been Jews with strong religious convictions and there have been Jews with strong atheist convictions. They have always managed to rub along together just fine. There is no problem here and there never has been a problem for the good and simple reason that both a religious Jew and an atheistic Jew can be bound together in a devotion to a Jewish Homeland, which is another name for the internationally recognized concept of national liberation.

It was totally a similar situation in Yugoslavia during the 1990s. There a witchhunt was raised against Slobodan Milosevic on an international scale and from there the biggest lie in the history of humanity was constructed by the Media, that is the so-called “Srebrenica Massacre”. There are two main lessons:


LESSON 1 … that in Yugoslavia the central issue was that the Christian Serbs were fighting against especially and above all the Islamist Jihadist and anti-Serb bigot Izetbegovic. He wrote “there can be no peace or co-existence between the Islamic faith and non-Islamic societies and political institutions”. The struggle was against the Jihad just as the struggle in Israel is against the Jihad. Serb hatred, Jew hatred, these are the forms but the content is the Jihad which comes out of the religion/ideology of Islam

LESSON 2 … that having created the Big Lie of Srebrenica there can never be any going back by the Media. There are far too many journalists, Media Outlets, Newspapers, who have expended huge amounts of money and their own eputation. So the Big Lie needs to be continued and reconstructed anew day by day and week by week without end. There is no possibility of breaking through on this as long as the Big Media control the Narrative.

It will be the same in the Big Lie of the arson attacks in Duma. The key evidence, but evidence which has only been allowed on the pages of the Jewish patriotic Israel National News, and only once there, is that of the young Jewish “settler” who visited the place, a visit organized by left wing groups for their own Israel-hating ends.

Yonadav Tapuch travelled to Duma to pay his condolences to the family. He did so as part of a group of “settlers” who were used and who in the end were denied an occasion to speak to the family. These Jews well meaning from the Jewish villages were photographed in a certain way that propagandistically will be used against them.

However Yodadav Tapuch an ordinary Jewish man on that trip simply reported a few basic facts which are undeniable

1. There are reports that a feud existed inside this Muslim village between two families and going back 15 years. This can have great bearing on the truth of this affair.

2. The report from Duma itself said that two houses and not one was attacked. The first proved to be empty. Then these unknown arsonists found that the second house was not easy to enter or to firebomb from the front. They are said to have therefore went round the back, entered, had contact with the family, fired it, left, masked, oh and they had chosen houses in the centre of the village, so they had to make their way right out of that village, not an easy task for strangers. It seems that these arsonists had no fear, had all the time in the world, and they did all of this in a village which let them and let them have all of that time in the world to do this.

3. Our young Jewish chap had travelled out to the village by bus and on the bus he was alarmed at the hatred for the Jewish people in the villages of Judea and Samaria being expressed by those Jewish (activists against the settlers) people on the bus

Let me finish with the very revealing words of this young Jewish man in his twenties as to what he learned, and saw, all of which was and is immediately available to one and all who want to know the truth, but obviously truth here is not on the agenda at all:

“It was impossible to ignore some of the more curious aspects of the story. I would start with the fact that the two houses (I had always thought only one house was burnt) are located in the center of the village, and that in order to get there we had to travel a number of minutes from the entrance. Duma is spread out over a gigantic area, and the houses are situated at the end of a winding road, among fences and yards.
“According to the Duma version, the attackers burnt one house, then saw that it was empty, and so they went to set fire to the next house. The second house is enclosed by a fence, and the windows are covered by a dense lattice; a firebomb cannot be hurled through the windows, and in any event it is very hard to reach the windows behind the fence. The arsonists had to go around the house, enter the yard, and place the firebombs through the lattice. According to the Duma version, the attackers entered the house, stood over the parents and did not let them leave until the flames engulfed the house. Only then did the arsonists run away from the village.

“I can only say that when the arsonists are ultimately caught, we will get to hear a fascinating story of why they chose to navigate their way all the way into the middle of the village, and how they had time to set a house on fire, wait to find that it was empty, then walk around and enter another house and set it on fire, wait with the parents, spray graffiti in two places
including with a little design of a crown! and then run away through the middle of the village with all the townspeople surely already up and on their feet seeing the flames and hearing the family’s cries. Something here is very fishy…” ”





Most revealing to me is the position of Justice Minister Shaked when she said:

“”This attack is terrorism,” Shaked said, speaking on Israel Radio. “There is no connection between it and the right wing. This is terrorism, terrorism for its own sake, and we should treat it harshly.”

“It’s not about the Right, or ‘settlers’,” she stressed. “It’s the right of the Israel Security Agency to deal with terrorism, even if it is Jewish terrorism.” “Jewish terror against the State is even more harmful to security than Arab terrorism,” she continued.

“We have experienced very few attacks against the Arabs, but such an attack does do great harm to state security and we need to use all resources to handle it.” “

There is no indication from Shaked that this may be much more and may indeed be a false flag operation made to use for repression of Jews in Israel.

When Shaked says here that “Jewish terror is even more harmful…than Arab terrorism” she is inferring, going along with the heaps of international reactionary nonsense, that it was Jews who did this, despite a whole long record and history of Arab false flags against the Jews, one of the main ones being the el Dura affair of a few years back.

This confirms my opinion of Bennett and Shaked and their party as being a little like the Podemos in Spain, thrust forward by a mass protest movement but without any real political programme to meet the crisis.

She represents another branch of leadership in Israel without any political roots and anchorage based on programme. An ad hoc grouping that when the first serious test comes she caves in to the international Antisemitism and pro-Jihadism, which is what this is all about.

It is in moments of crisis that people are tested out and Shaked in htis one statement on this critical issue shows that she will betray and betray big time.

The main thing to understand about the events in the Middle East is that it is an Islamic or Muslim Jihad against the Jews and Christians

What is needed in Israel is the same as is needed in every country, essentially a youth movement which is based on programme, which seeks the truth at every turn, and which is never swayed by propaganda, and which is rock firm on principles.

there is a huge dividing line opening up here. From the evidence of Yonadav Tapuchi it is impossible for Jewish people to have carried out this firebombing of houses. How to get in how to get out? Just not possible in such an Arab vilage simple as that.

Shaked is now a HUGE LIABILITY to all Jews. Always seen from now on as a person who joined with the enemy when the pressure was on.

It was not a Jew who did the firebombing at all. Anybody with common sense says it was not a Jew.

But say for argument sake Jews did carry out such a firebombing? That falls into the political category of individual terrorism, they attempt to use terror against the enemy Jihad, because it is based on the individual. That is not something for moral outrage, that is something to be opposed because it is the wrong method to use in a real war, because it is also a method that can be adopted by the agent provocateur, and it is a method which leads to isolation.


These events surrounding this false flag arson of an Arab house, or an inter Muslim feud arson attack on a family fastened upon by dubious forces to blacken the name of Jews. Then to use that whole false flag situation to wage a war on patriots in Judea and Samaria in order to usher in a forced set of evictions and do the same as the Gaza Withdrawal, create a Judenfrei space for the Muslim Jihad against Jews. But this all carried out by a whole layer right across the board of trairorous Jews. The big lesson here is that patriotic Jews have nobody not even Bennett and Shaked who are providing the cover for Netanyahu and others. This affoirms what I said above. The youth of Israel is the youth everywhere in every country must become independent in a mass movement to challenge this old outdated system and its treacherous political leites. That is the perspective and path. It opens up hope not despair. The very opposite of despair all is to play for because change goes quick in todays world.

Cecil left behind 24 cubs, who will probably killed by rival males seeking to replace him as alpha

Cecil left behind 24 cubs, who will probably killed by rival males seeking to replace him as alpha

The righteous hatred for Palmer and disgust at what he did is shown in this picture of Americans outside of his petty Little dental practice

The last known photo of Cecil. cecil is at bottom.

Palmer is a specialist bow and arrow killer. He wounded VCecil then followed him for 40 hours. Ended in decapitation and skinning the animal. This comfortable living “dentist”



At such a time too, when Iran and Obama threatens with Nuclear Bomb and when ISIS hammers on the gates of Israel…


Residents of Beit El, located in Samaria north of Jerusalem, were calling for nationalist MKs to collapse the coalition on Tuesday, after security forces stormed the Draynoff compound in the town ahead of demolition despite the nearly completed legalization process for the buildings…”Last week we got our final permission from the (IDF) CivilAdministration, and then today we were supposed to go to the Supreme Court in order to request that the discussion be reopened and that the demolition orders be cancelled.”

But on Monday night, security forces came “like thieves in the night,” even while fully “knowing that everything was upright and proper, moments before we were able to put in our request,” said (Judy) Simon…




Police forces in large numbers arrived in the town of Beit El on Monday night in preparation for the demolition of the Draynoff Homes, which the High Court had ordered to be demolished….There were no reports of injuries, but at least 30 people were arrested.

The High Court on Sunday yet again sought to put a halt to plans to prevent the demolition of the homes, issuing an injunction against any construction work that would result from the removal of objections to the project by a planning council.







  1. What are the political roots of this latest attack on Gates of Vienna and on the plans to host the Cartoon Competition in London in August? It is important to do research on the organization “Hope Not Hate”. What is their history? Who runs it today and what is their politics?
  2. An understanding of Islam and thereby an understanding of why it is progressive to oppose Islam, and to be an anti-Jihadist
  3. To show that to be opposed to Islam is not a right wing or a left wing thing at all and here the quotation from Karl Marx writing on the Ottoman Empire in 1852 for the Boston Globe will show that Karl Marx was bitterly opposed to Islam


  1. Further to show that the Jihad is an intrinsic part of Islam. It is impossible to have an Islam without a violent Jihad

These “leftists”, conspiracy theorists centring around David Icke madman that he clearly is, Labour Party tired old farts, are all joining together to oppose those of us (I am a Marxist) who oppose the Islamic Jihad and see the Islamic Jihad as a grave threat to humanity, especially to humanity in the poorest of Muslim countries. So the Guardian and Independent and a group called “HopenotHate” have banded together to call for the banning of Gates of Vienna. They have to be most strenuously opposed and exposed for what they are in every publication

There are some other things to keep in mind. One is the historical decline of the British Labour Party. This has a very long history. The International Labourists broke with the Left and joined the International Butchery in 1914-18. As part of this the British Labourites were the opponents of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

Then from about 1925 British Labour became identified with Stalinism and against Trotskyism. Many of these Labour leaders were also complicit in the horror of the Moscow Trials against the Old Bolsheviks like Kamenev. In the 50s the British Labour leaders like Denis Healey were the opponents and called for the expulsion of the Trotsktist youth movement, “Keep Left”, which had won the majority of youth in the Labour Party to the policies of Trotskyism (this is a relative claim however)

Under Kinnock the British Labourites organised a witchhunt against the Militant Group in Liverpool ending in expulsion

From Kinnock to Blair was a straight path. Blair joined with Bush in the war on Iraq in 2003 which deposed Saddam thus opening the door to Iranian hegemony in the Middle East, augmented enormously by the recent Obama deal with Iran

As an offshoot to this Labourism those opposing the war in the Anti War Movement were opposing the war for exactly that reason and for the wrong reason. They beleived the war on Saddam would lead to a similar war on Iran. They misread the intentions of Bush and Obama entirely. And they were showing their own latent sympathy for the Butchers of Teheran.

Thus there was a marriage between the British “Labour” Party and Islam. At the root of this lies their marriage with Antisemitism in the form of alliances with Fatah, Hizbullah and Hamas, thus back to Iran again.

One consequence of these positions towards Islam follows as day follows night. When it became clearer througout the 1990s that many Muslim Gangs were preying on defenceless and vulnerable young British girls, often in homes and centres in run down economic deserts such as Rotherham, these whole layer of “leftists” turned a blind eye. They did not want to know. They thus condemned many thousands of young British girls to horrible abuse at the hands iof Muslim gangs

Indeed this very action alone caused the schism of “Labour” from the Britsh working class even more. Working class people in Britain began to shun Labour and these “leftist” groups and this caused the creation of the EDL and Farage’s protest type politiking.

But another strange result also happened. The more they were going down on this road the further these “leftists” were drawing away from Karl Marx himself.

The situation is not simple or easy to answer because the collapse of Labour has created a vacuum of leadership inside the very old British working class (the first after all)

Filling this with a principled leadership is NOT a simple matter and is in the first place an ideological issue.

The example of the EDL is a warning. Centred on an individual charisma, and leaderless and non-theoretical protest politics, this was a trap for many British workers. It achieved nothing.

Similarly with Farage, I believe he is not even prepared to join with Marine le Pen in an allaince against a common enemy and this marks him out as a political opportunist who cannot last.

The attacks on Gates of Vienna is a serious matter and a warning. As with Srebrenica, as with Breivik, it is possible to answer these lies fully and comprehensively and still lose because we face a venal ruling class and their venal allies in these “leftists” and in this lying Media. Not simple!

As to Breivik the latest article by Fjordman does this extremely well. Breivik has admitted he is a Neo-Nazi and Not an anti-Jihadist at all. The article here is well worth reading carefully on this vital topic The Conspiracy Theorists like David Icke are going to come in on this Breivik issue thus seeking to distort from the truth even more

The reference to Srebrenica is best covered by this site

The reference to Marx in 1852 is covered by a non-Marxist Jewish person on this site There is much of interest in this article but I will limit myself to quoting the key sentence: “”The Koran and the Mussulman legislation emanating from it reduce the geography and ethnography of the various peoples to the simple and convenient distinction of two nations and of two countries; those of the Faithful and of the Infidels.”


Immediate steps must be taken…Every group and website who opposes Jihad must make an analysis of these events concerning the Guardian and Indepenent attacks on Gates of Vienna and publish these attacks in the widest possible manner. A major effort myst simultaneously be made to defend the right to hold the Cartoon Exhibition in London in August. This is of extreme urgency



Earlier Friday, Kerry warned that any future Israeli military action against Iran over its nuclear program would be an “enormous mistake.”

Iran and the US-led P5+1 world powers signed a nuclear deal last week that would see Iran curbing its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of international sanctions. The agreement was met with fierce opposition by Israel, Saudi Arabia and other countries that maintain the deal doesn’t go far enough to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

In Israel, politicians across the spectrum slammed the deal as soon as it was announced.

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog, head of the Zionist Union party, said he would work with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling coalition to thwart the Iran nuclear deal.

“Now Iran is out of the cage and will become a regional tiger,” Herzog said last week, calling the agreement “a complex challenge that mandates cooperation on understanding the threat and on finding solutions.”

Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid, who also sits in the opposition, said the Iran deal was the country’s biggest foreign policy failure ever, and blamed Netanyahu for mishandling the affair.

Netanyahu earlier this week urged US lawmakers to combat Iranian aggression by rejecting the nuclear deal.

The agreement now goes to Congress which started a 60-day review of the deal and is expected to vote on it by September 17. Congress can pass a motion of disapproval, which President Barack Obama can veto. An override of the veto requires two-thirds approval in both the House and Senate.

Kerry said Friday it would be embarrassing to him and a blow to US credibility on the world stage if Congress rejects the deal.

It would be a “repudiation of President Obama’s initiative and a statement that when the executive department negotiates, it doesn’t mean anything anymore because we have 535 secretaries of state,” Kerry said, referring to the number of members of the House and Senate.

“Do you think the ayatollah is going to come back to the table if Congress refuses this and negotiate again?” he asked.

“Do you think that they’re going to sit there and other people in the world are going to say, ‘Hey, let’s go negotiate with the United States, they have 535 secretaries of state’?,” Kerry said.

“I mean please. I would be embarrassed to try to go out. What am I going to say to people after this as secretary of state. ‘Come negotiate with us.’ ‘Oh, can you deliver?’ Please.”

Kerry defended the nuclear deal, saying it was the only alternative to military action and must be tested if diplomacy is to succeed.

In a reprise of his testimony Thursday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kerry said the agreement is the best way to prevent Iran from developing an atomic weapon. If Congress rejects the deal, he said Iranian hardliners would speed ahead with their nuclear program and the international sanctions regime would collapse.

He said there is more chance of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East without the recently negotiated deal.

Kerry also revealed Friday that the Bush administration offered a far more generous package than the current nuke deal in its efforts to thwart Iran’s nuclear program, but Tehran rejected it.

The US secretary of state will later Friday meet with the leaders of the American Jewish Committee and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations to discuss the deal.

Ricky Ben-David, AP and AFP contributed to this report.



The deal which US Imperialism and EU Antisemitism brings us back to 1948 when Jews were driven from their homes in Judea and Samaria, their homeland for 4000 years. This is now a time of great opportunity and hope for the Jewish people. We Trotskyists are saying that this opportunity must be grasped by clear leadership. The boundaries of Israel must be finally set as being The Golan; Jordan Valley; border with Egypt; sea. In other words an area which can be defended. Only Jewish people vote for Knesset. Knesset rule is supreme. Humanitarian but firm solution to Palestinian Arabs to be found. Only those who love Israel to live in Israel is our bottom line.

Debka is saying what has been saying for quite some time now, but has been largely ignored, even shunned.

Nuclear deal pushes Israel aside in Washington, raises Iran to leading US partner and allyDEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis July 15, 2015

We say US is unimportant, EU is unimportant, hatred of Israel and Jews is unimportant, BDS is especially unimportant.

They are all unimportant in what the Jewish people must do, which is to prerpare inside of Israel, preparing the Jewish STATE, for the next steps.

The very best answer to Obama and the five Major Powers who turned against Israel to adopt Iran in the recent deal is the following and involves preparing the Israeli state for serious action against Iran.

In no particular order:

Make the Jewish Knesset the focus for all action. This means that only Jewish people (with support on this from the best Arabs who understand history) will vote for the Knesset and that the Knesset vote is supreme – thus negating the need for a “Supreme Court”. Knesset is alone supreme. Trust the Jewish people to make the courageous decisions to save the Jews.

Establish the boundaris of the state of Israel once and for all which are: The Golan; Jordan Valley; border with Egypt; sea. In other words an area which can be defended.

Create a humanitarian solution, based on the above boundaries, to the Arabs who live in Palestine, but it is a humanitarianism with firmness. Any, including Israeli Jews, who oppose Israel need to be found a new home. In other words with no delay solve this “Palestinian” issue once and for all.

Create a free book in unlimited numbers, of about 100 pages and about A4 size (more suitable for photographs), which will show that Israel is made up of Jews driven from Arab countries like Libya and Iraq, that present Jordan was given to the Arabs out of the original Jewish Homeland, that Jews sought to help the Arabs of Palestine, that Arabs were friendly to the Jews until Muslim Antisemitism defeated that, and how Hajj Amin el Husseini is pivotal in all of this story. To complete show how Islamic Supremacists hijacked the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and how that is connected to Hajj Amin and the Holocaust. The above with many pictures.

The old politics of Jews of alliance with either Democrats or Republicans is now truly dead and buried. The new situation is actually one not of despair but of great potential and hope.

IRAN DEAL SHOWS GREAT AND DANGEROUS CHANGE IN THE WORLD WITH US/EU ON THE SIDE OF IRAN is lying when it writes about this deal. It claims that Iran can be inspected. In fact this is the whole point about this deal that lies about. It is not possible to inspect anything because there are endless delaying measures built in. Say if the pólice have to inspect a drug den where criminals sell drugs. But the pólice have to give 3 months notice. What happens?…They are liars. They do not report fairly what is happening in the world. They are shrills for Iran.

The Irish rag website is doing a publicity job for the Iranian regime. It writes the following:

The agreement also sees stringent UN oversight, with world powers hoping this will make any dash to develop an atomic bomb virtually impossible.

The deal will allow United Nations inspectors to press for visits to Iranian military sites.

This is such a lie on the part of that I am so splitting my sides laughing. But they are obvious liars on this website and are determined to tell lies to the Irish people about the terrorist role of Iran in the world today, about its Antisemitism and about its against-woman politics.

Shame on this group called “”

Last night also the Jewish owned radio station called “Talk Radio Europe” had Ray McGovern being interviewed by the very pro-Iran interviewer.

So both the interviewer and of course McGovern are advocates for Iran

The interviewer on Talk Radio Europe used the most vicious language possible to describe Israel. The interviewer to McGovern called Israel a “rogué” state.

Now Talk Radio Europe is Jewish owned, owned by a British Jew who worships in Marbella Synagogue, called “Martin Nathan”

“There are many other British Jews who are working for Talk Radio Europe, a man called “Alan T”, a man called “Richard Tindesley”, another a woman researcher among others.

The Deep crisis among the Jewish people is seen in the magazine called “The Forward”.

These Jews in The Forward must be among the greatest liars in the western world and their hatred of Israel is now a serious concern. They have a lead article today calling for support for the deal. It is based on the opinión of an “Ami Ayalon” who they claim to be a former director of Shin Bet.

How “former” though? This is where you see what liars the Forward are. You have to read near to the end to see this sentence:

“Ayalon has been out of the security service for 15 years”.

Why then drag up Ayalon to talk about the present? Because they are liars in esence.

It is necessary to place all of those who are connected with this deal under the microscope. We know the great danger from Obama who is total Antisemite. But there were others and our pictures above show the others under their own flags, especially that of the Russian (three from the right as you look) and the second photo shows the role of the EU (Zarif along with the EU chief under their flags)

There is an excellent article by Martin Sherman  today on Jerusalem Post. Sherman shreds it.

There is another excellent article (in fact three) which must be understood:

Iran Didn’t Need to Build a Nuke. It Outplayed Six World Powers with Nothing but the Threat
DEBKAfileExclusive ReportJuly 16, 2015

Khamenei didn’t need a nuke to get what he wanted from the world powers. The threat posed by an elaborate nuclear program was enough for him to parlay into world-class status as a nuclear threshold state.

Binyamin Netanyahu: Powers gambled on our future
Nuclear deal pushes Israel aside in Washington, raises Iran to leading US partner and ally
DEBKAfileExclusive AnalysisJuly 15, 2015

The Netanyahu government, like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, can only beat their heads futilely against the iron wall Barack Obama has built for Iran with the nuclear accord the six powers signed in Vienna Tuesday, July 14. Israel has the most to lose. It has been downgraded from its favored status in Washington and replaced by Iran. By this big geopolitical step, the US President has shifted the ground in the region, not only dumping Israel but the Arab world as a whole – and, incidentally, the Palestinians as well.

Obama and Kerry brought it off
Iran crowned as top regional, nuclear-threshold power. Win for Obama, fiasco for Netanyahu
DEBKAfileSpecial ReportJuly 14, 2015

In broad lines, the final nuclear deal, reached between six world powers and Iran in Vienna on Tuesday, July 14 –  after repeated hold-ups – grants Tehran sanctions relief in exchange for curbs on its nuclear program. debkafile: The accord is a triumph for President Barack Obama’s policy of orienting US foreign policy on a rapprochement with Iran, while turning a cold shoulder to America’s traditional Middle East allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia. It anoints Tehran as leading regional power with its nuclear program intact – a major fiasco for Binyamin Netanyahu.

These debka articles are very important because they focus on the great change in the world with the US now OPENLY  on the side of Iran… will write further on this tomorrow


Who or what is going to sabe the world from nuclear destruction. The deal which was signed by Obama yesterday spells the destruction of all life on the planet and raises the question who will stop this madness.

This deal that Obama has made with Iran is far worse than even the worst pessimists expected. Involved in this deal is THE REALITY of the powers of the world actually aiding Iran to be a very advanced Nuclear War power in a very short number of years, less than the ten suggested, which is short enough. All of the major powers AND ESPECIALLY WHAT WAS SOVIET RUSSIA AND PUTIN are heavily involved in making this evil power Iran into such an enormous threat. For me this raises above all the role of Trotsky and “Trotskyism” in his historic battle (when he battled alone) against the utterly reactionary “Stalinism” which is still a persistent and not just an historical factor.

When Israel reads the terms that are published Israel will even less than ever believe Obama. When the Sunni Muslims like the Saudis read the terms they will rush like crazy to get themselves Nuclear Bomb tooled up. That is going to be the legacy of Obama. Certain nuclear obliteration of man, plant and animal is his only legacy. What a jerk!

Let us get things connected up here: Who can trust the Anti-Jihadists in America on this? People like Spencer and Geller while I like their work in many areas have deliberately hidden the valuable insight of Karl Marx on the evil of Islam, made ein 1852, in which Marx showed the fascist content to Islam (check out our previous articles on this) . Why hide that? That shows an ideological and partisan approach to truth. If on that what else?

Let me turn to the events in Europe. After the vote in Ireland where Ireland said no they were told to vote again. After the Greeks voted no a week ago, a no which simply said we do not want to leave the euro and Europe, but we cannot repay the debt, meaning Can Not and not DO NOT WISH TO, the EU have set out to defeat the left wing of Syriza and to thereby make capitalism rule. That is dictatorship and one short step away from Fascism. This is Europe which is in many respects already a Caliphate of Islam, such is the fury that is turned on anybody prepared to ask questions about the history of Islam. THAT is the Europe that has signed on to this Iran and its Nuclear Bomb. The centre of this Europe is Antisemitism as surely as was the notorious Mein Kamph, because both Europe today and Mein Kamph headed towards the Holocaust situation – Jews trapped and at mercy of Antisemitism. Jews in the 1930s trapped in Europe. Jews today also trapped – in Israel as Iran AIDED BY THESE GOVERNMENTS AND THE US gears up for Nuclear omb.

What about America? Who will stop this in America? The Anti-Jihadists as I have proved (Breitbart, Geller (a little less so I like her more), Greenfield, Spencer – all of these hid the role of Karl Marx AGAINST Islam and Jihad. Why – because as I have said they are ideological before truthful. Can we trust them?

In fact the youth of America and the youth of Europe must take up the fight leading the working class people who alone (never the corrupt middle classes) will fight. These youth come into the fight against this capitalist crisis and middle class Jewish people attack them because they are Antisemitic – as if in the absence of our leadership they could be otherwise. Of course there is Antisemitism! We know that! But they are fighting and going to fight the very European ruling elites who are lining up with Iran.

This is the huge weakness of Israel and Jewish leadership. They have lined up with the bourgeoisie. With the power elites who are doing all of the damage.

I saw this very clearly in our work on our defence of the Greeks against the EU Antisemite elites (WHO HOLD THE POWER REMEMBER). Jewish people on Facebook attacked us Trotskyists because we were supporting the Greek poor against the power elites. Oh these people the Greek poor have always been Antisemites they said to us. Yes there is Antisemitism in Greece we answered. But these Greek poor are in essence in battle agaisnt your (the Jews) enemies, which are the ruling governments of Europe.

That right there is the big problem in Israeli politics. This issue of the Iran bomb is not any longer an issue for Jews alone. It is an issue which concerns every single person who lives under capitalism, which means any person who lives, because capitalism is THE system.

But these middle class Jewish people who attacked us will always be right you know. They will always have the last word.

They will line up with the elites against the poor Greeks. And against the poor Spanish. (Best not to be ironic…this is simply tragic!)

The answer is a new outlook and a new leadership. A leadership which is communist in essence and which will always stand with the Greek (or Spanish or any other) poor and at the same time fight for the defence of Israel and the Jews, and fight for the overthrow of the Iranian Fascist Mullahs, and fight to impeach Obama, and fight to place Cameron on trial for his part in this great betrayal to Iranian Fascism.

Quote from valuable article by Omri Coren follows:

QUOTE…The U.S. collapsed on anytime-anywhere inspections – The IAEA will get to request access to sensitive sites, the Iranians will get to say no, and then there will be an arbitration board that includes Iran as a member. This concession is particularly damaging politically and substantively because the administration long ago went all-in on verification. The original goal of the talks was to make the Iranians take physical actions that would prevent them from going nuclear if they wanted to: dismantling centrifuges, shuttering facilities, etc. The Iranians said no to those demands, and the Americans backed off. The fallback position relied 100% on verification: yes the Iranians would be physically able to cheat, the argument went, but the cheating would be detected because of an anytime-anywhere inspection regime. That is not what the Americans are bringing home.

full article worth reading on

(July 14 2015 Done Deal, hopefully to be undone by Congress

By Omri Ceren, TIP)

Other facebook entries of note which lead up to today’s position by are the following:

Yesterday 14 July (before details of deal announced)

FROM GREECE TO ISRAEL… Time is very short and every day that goes by is a day less for Israel to prepare for savage attacks against it and against the Jewish people, which are inevitable from many fronts, especially from Iran, Hisbullah, Hamas and ISIS. The rockets which are lethally pointed into Israel by Hisbullah have been delivered by Iran but with the connivance of United Nations states like Ireland and Spain, whose UN forces have turned a blind eye to the Hizbullah preparations for war against Israel.

The Knesset is the historical voice of the Jewish people, and not NGOs or the Supreme Court. Since Israel is the Jewish Homeland, a small area of land not half the size of Newfoundland, then only Jewish people should have the vote to the Knesset. This does not mean that Arabs and others are not looked after and treated humanely. But the Knesset must become the spearhead for the defence of the Jewish people, because Israel is not only the “Jewish Homeland” – it is also a practical defence and must be a guarantor of the lives of Jewish people in the world.

People should not enter into politics or into any other sphere of human life with a dogma but must be armed with the scientific method. That may be termed in many ways but let us take 1. observe 2. reflect on the basis of these observation 3. hypothesis 4. try out the hypothesis through a practical move. Observe and reflect again. That is a method. In many ways this is done already, but unconsciously and also thereby inconsistently. But if conscious and consistent it becomes very powerful.

It is necessary to leave Greece aside for the moment. Their fate is already decided and involves much suffering. The EU is in essence a cartel which works to the demands of those in our capitalist society with (unsurprisingly) capital. The method of production is demanded by the needs of the cartel. As a slight interlude think…Lettuces can be grown very successfully in Ireland. They grow slowly with natural rain and with natively moist soils, but they are also delicious to eat. The model however in the EU is to grow these lettuces in huge “exploitations” with water pumped in, drip feed, very fast growth, the end result a colourless tasteless pulp, which are then loaded in the south of Europe and transferred at least a thousand miles to markets in the north in huge thundering trucks which literally shake the earth as they head north.

It is a cartel remember! Outside of that cartel is the world market which also is cut-throat and also geared to profit and not need or (heaven forbid) conservation of the earth’s resources. Event follows event – but blindly. Following these laws the Irish farmers grow grass for silage but in doing so they doom the continued existence of the very emblem of Ireland since man came there about 8000 years ago, the hare having been there not eightt housands but hundreds of thousands of years. The drive for profit is unplanned and ruthless. The foresight of action is zero.

None of these European countries can any longer satisfy the needs of its people. In Spain the gypsy Romany community (an historical people with a massive culture) descend into a destructive cycle of unemployment and drugs. The very sage Ann Coulter pointed out recently in her campaign against Obama’s illegal immigration that scientific technical advance means that farmers no longer need humans, machines can now harvest the tomato without a human hand touching. But every party in Spain, that is essentially the PP, the PSOE but also the IU (who inherit the murderous Stalinism of the 1930s in the Spanish Civil war) turn immediately to “do down” Podemos which is the party of youth protest, but obviously without a programme to carry that protest of the youth forward. The older parties of both right and left do know the threat which is also the threat of change.

The conservative forces in Israel also know the threat than any change will bring. The most conservative forces in this regard are in fact often called “The Left” in Israel. Against that conservatism the most advanced are the religious youth. They are the most patriotic Jews and therefore because of that patriotism are also most eager to find a way forward, therefore eager and indeed demand new ideas. In other words we are in a paradox. These are the very forces we need, those forces in society who do not proceed from a dogma, but proceed using the scientific method: Observe, think, reach conclusions no matter how strange and unusual, Then test out in practice. Religious Jewish youth as the most scientific and most in touch with reality – a paradox indeed!

Going on all of our observations about Islam extending over many centuries, of Iran especially in all that has happened in Iran since the Islamic Supremacists seized power in 1979, the actual happenings in these latest discussions – well from these observations we are beginning to see the ultimate danger to the lives of millions of Jews in Israel and the world. But Israel is unprepared. The weapon of defence, the actual state of the Jews, is unprepared and is lacking far behind these events and these dangers. The first step is not to extend a welcoming hand to Hamas as Bennett seems to have done, but to prepare the Israeli state itself. This brings us back to the Knesset as a weapon. Ony Jews vote. Solve the problem of the forces of Islamic Fascism and Antisemitism. Find a humanitarian solution to the ordinary Arab. Use the state ( a functioning Jewish weapon) to begin to teach the reality and history of Islam to the Arab. A special committee of the Knesset can examine all laws, keep in review all laws, and write in plain language that the ordinary person can understand, an opinion. There is no need at all in Israel for a self-serving “Supreme” Court.

Then with borders which are defensible (can actually be defended) which are the Golan, Jordan Valley, border with Egypt proper, the sea – then with the sharpened weapon of the Knesset and Israel state the Jews have a chance of survival. Without that, like the Greeks, they have no chance of survival. The position of Israel is more critical than that of Greece which does not face such direct threats to life and limb. Realisation of that this morning means that Israelis cannot waste their time in these precious weeks. While Israelis must extend a hand of deep friendship tot he suffering Greeks, who suffer from a common enemy Merkel and co., and to the movement of protest and change which is Syriza, Israeli folk know very well that war on them themselves is coming and must prepare urgently.

TWO DAYS AGO July 13 2015 Facebook


First of all the European Union bureaucracy was equally and even more responsible for the loans and money arrangements in Greece joining the EU and Euro. For political reasons and communist hatred they wanted Greece in by hook or by crook.

This was the big strong dealing with the weak.

Then the vicious circle started. In order to pay back loans (or give more loans to pay back loans) the EU demanded “austerity”. But this austerity measure meant a crippling of the already very weak Greek economy – heavily dependent on tourism and some fruit production.

This emphasises the inherent unequalness of all of these European and world countries.

To just leave the euro is no answer because it is one world capitalist system and one world capitalist market. In they are made slaves. Out they are crushed.

For example the Irish model inside of this world model of cut troat trade for profit – has Ireland producing cheese and milk products and exporting nine tenths aprox. So it uses one tenth, the rest is packaged and transferred to a world market by means of expensive refrigerated lorries, thus polluting the world even more. Meanwhile silage is grown everywhere and the silerator in early spring destroys wholesale the young “Irish Hare” which has mistakenly taken up a home in the thick sward. The Irish Hare the national animal is in danger of extinction by loss of habitat which is the end result of heavy aplication of imported minerals to produce artificially grown grass.

This method of production of grass is a new thing in Ireland. The grass is pushed often taking three cuts a year. The first cut is early. Previously the first cut for hay was much later and the hares had already bred and were free. Now they are caught in the cruel jaws of ever fast silerators and farmers who are not aware of what they are doing. The farmers too are caught in the cruel jaws of the EU system.

So what can Greece actually produce and compete on a cut throat world market.

The end result is the German and other Nations taking possession of huge layers of Greek life. This is Imperialism morphing into international Fascism. It is Fascism in a sense because when the Irish voted against the EU for exit they were simply told to vote again.

Read this:

“Tsipras said he believed the new programme will bring growth to Greece and he had averted an EU plan for the “choking of the Greek economy”. He said he took responsibility for the deal and that he managed to reach compromise on some of Europe’s more extreme proposals. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose country had been pushing for harsh austerity measures, said she was convinced the deal could work but success was not guaranteed.”

Unlike the conspiracist David Icke we on will not attack Tsipras for this deal. We defend him and Syriza UNCONDITIONALLY. Big difference.

It is a little like how Trotsky on a principled basis defended the religious despot Haile Selassie Abyssinia when his country was invaded by the Fascist Mussolini. His defence of Selassie was unconditional against the Nazis.

This is pretty much how we will approach Tsipras on this deal. We will defend Tsipras unconditionally against Merkel, a soft looking woman from East German who is very close to Fascism in fact.



The central point we are making is that it is necessary to destroy this deal, and this must be done by removing Obama at once, impeach this traitor to the Americans, also deal in the same way with Cameron and the Irsh leaders too, also with Rajoy, and at the same time fight for unity with Israel and the Jews against Antisemitism, while we also fight in solidarity with all those poor in Europe fighting against the EU fascism.