a picture that shows the central role of conspiracy theory (subjective idealist view of life and history) in this new phenomenon that Robert called “Palestinianism”.

The hardest image of all of these – Melbourne Australia 2010. This is obviously lethal stuff expressed for me in expression on the two main faces in the picture. Remember. Be warned. What Robert called a “new religión” and is in fact a component of a “new” Fascism.

Perth October 2011

Central Sydney 2012 – makes the central point of Robert as to how the reactionary ideology of “Mohammedanism” became integrated. These Young Muslims placed very consciously at the centre of these Israel hate fests. I use the old Word that Leon Trotsky used to use for Islamist Supremacism!

They appear at every Israel hating demo from Cork to Timbuktoo – here Australia!

SanFrancisco – these Young people have clearly found a new religion, one of the central points Robert Wistrich was making just before he died

Gaza always…note the well fed fat lady on the left and how the Muslim immigrants got together on these marches with the new religion of “Palestinianism” – Wistrich’s last point made before he died

Melbourne again – these deadly lies and evil propaganda against Israel which IS the state of the Jewish people – sucks a surprising number of people in. Why? was the question that Robert Wistrich wrestled with. After all the Jews left gaza in 2005 and wanted the Arabs to take it over and begin to make it a success but there is none of THAT history in these demos. Shows the ability to REVISE history at will, even history of the past year! Or the past weerk! Or the past hour! Robert never really did crack this problem.



Robert S. Wistrich – the director of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and author of many books on the phenomenon of Antisemitism – died three days ago on Tuesday. He will be very sorely missed by all patriotic Jewish people and by all non-Jews like myself who defend Israel and defend historical truth.


I have always admired Robert Wistrich. He was a true academic with all his works heavily sourced. Yet he was clearly also engaged in a practice and his books were always not an end in themselves but an aid to the active defence of Jews in this all too material world. He also was original which is seen in his recognition that Antisemitism had morphed. The new Antisemitism especially since 1967 was based on lies about Israel, lies that can be quite easily discredited, but there is the catch – more is involved than mere writing or words to overcome this “new” Antisemitism. Robert in his last words seems to be very aware of that.



It seems a bit impertinent given the power of his work but…In a spirit of moving forward – I feel that Robert Wistrich did not give enough weight to two matters. The first is the historical writings of Karl Marx for the New York Tribune in which there are clues regarding Marx’s true positions towards the Jews which have been dreadfully distorted.


I have maintained for a long time that Karl Marx was in reality a friend of the historical Jewish people. It is often forgotten that Karl Marx was an atheist being out of the dialectical materialist tradition. In the whole though, or indeed because of that very thing, Marx supported full rights to Jews in Prussia along the lines of the American model. Marx also viciously attacked Islam in his writings for the New York Tribune and at the same time on a special visit to Jerusalem wrote very important material on Jews in Jerusalem where in mid-19th century they were in the overall majority


The second point I make in this critical regard is that Robert Wistrich needed to give far more weight to the transitions in the thought of Leon Trotsky and the vital importance of the positions Trotsky was taking up in the late 1930s in which Trotsky was analysing Fascism as nobody had done then or indeed since.


This had led to Trotsky calling in the late 1930s for the setting up of a Jewish state, that Jewish state of course to be in Palestine, to make it defensible, against who? – Well he specified the “Mohammedans” which was the word then used more than any other for “Islamist Supremacists”.


The strength of Robert Wistrich latest positions are that he specified that Antisemitism today is not coming from groups in Europe and America like the National Front etc. but is coming from Muslim immigration in an alliance with pro-Islam anarchists and “leftists”. I myself insist that the latter term of “leftists” (which is related to what I claim above concerning Leon Trotsky) must be defined very precisely and indeed capitalism can use a loose definition of “leftists” to institute a new “McCarthyism” … although I do not want to overplay that possibility of a new “McCarthyism”, because our struggle is defined very much by libertarian fighters like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.


His work is a testament to his great devotion to the Jewish cause. I wish he had been given another five or ten years but not to be.


It is fitting that he was so active right up to the time of his sudden death. I feel that the work he has done and the problems that he was never quite able to solve WILL be solved in a new tradition – that of Trotskyism expressed mark you only here on this small site. But will not be small forever.


Map of Middle East
Middle East
The above map shows that Israel must make a deal with Egypt and the Saudis so that Israel is given Access (temporary) to a base in Saudi Arabia from which it Israel can strike against the Iran Nuclear Bomb creation, with whatever means are necessary, to stop it for good.
There is no better time to do this tan NOW and this was the same ten years ago, five years ago or any point between.
This is because the world is dealing with the iranian Fascist regime and the situation can be rightly compared to that facing Chamberlain and Hitler against Nazi Germany.
Chamberlain was the one saying something like “Tomorrow may be better”!
Churchill was the one saying that “Tomorrow may be worse”
Given the determined genocidal hatred of the Nazis tomorrow would be worse.
That there is no time better than the present is a conclusión to be drawn from the very lips of the genocidal Fascists in the leadership of Iran.
As shown in this extract:
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who succeeded Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1989. Khamenei has been calling for Israel’s destruction for many years.José María Aznar, a former prime minister of Spain, recalled meeting Khamenei during his time in office in Oct. 2000. “Israel, to him, was a kind of historical cancer, an anomaly, a country to be put in flames and condemned to disappear,” Aznar said. “Khamenei said very clearly that Iran must eliminate Israel and wipe it off the map.”

In a Friday sermon on Dec. 15, 2000, Khamenei declared, “Iran’s position, which was first expressed by the Imam [Khomeini]…is that the cancerous tumor called Israel must be uprooted from the region.” A month later, he repeated his message. “The foundation of the Islamic regime is opposition to Israel and the perpetual subject (my emphasis…FQ) of Iran is the elimination (my emphasis…FQ) of Israel from the region.”

More recently, on Nov. 20, 2013, Khamenei told an assembly of some 50,000 Basij militiamen that Israel was ready to fall. “The Zionist regime is a regime whose pillars are extremely shaky and is doomed to collapse,” he said. Israelis, he added, “should not be called humans.”

Sworn to Destruction: 20 Threats Iranian Leaders Made Against Israel in 2013

Iranian leaders are consistent in their anti-Israel rhetoric, clear about their hostile intentions, and certain of their apocalyptic beliefs.


now let the praying case and let us begin a serious study of the role of Pope Francis in the brutality of the Argentine Dictatorship as the above scenes of brutality on the streets of his Buenes Aires show…what is this Pope really all about?


In one sense though…this is good. This places the role of the Catholic Church and all of the Churches not only towards Islam in the spotlight, but brings into focus also their role towards Hitler, the Nazis and the Holocaust. It also raises how to fight against Fascism. It also raises the way that left movements have been taken over by the ruling governing capitalist class parties and states and what should be done about this. Should we say that this is inherent in socialism or should we seek the truth about what is happening by empirical study rather than prejudice? I am committed to organising rather than remaining at the level of an individual. This will be to me as a Trotskyist a spur to me to build for the future.


ALSO…Empirical study (let the facts emerge) should now go full ahead on the study of Francis’s role in Argentina during the dictatorship. We absolutely need the facts. the reaction on hearing of his election to Popeitude follows:…/pope-francis-had-dubious-role…
QUOTE…”…Though not everyone was cheering.

“I can’t believe it. I’m so distressed and full of anger that I don’t know what to do,” wrote the sister of deceased priest and torture victim Orlando Yorio in an e-mail to the journalist Horacio Berbitsky. “Now he’s achieved what he wanted.”

“He,” for Graciela Yorio, refers to a power-hungry man who betrayed her brother and the Hungarian Jesuit Franz Jalics to Argentina’s mililtary dictatorshop. A man who did nothing to stop the two faithful from being locked up in prison for five months and tortured. “He” is Pope Francis, then still known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, provincial of the Argentine Jesuits.

The two liberation theologists were kidnapped on May 23, 1976 in a slum where they were doing ministry and social work. “Many people politically associated with the extreme right viewed our presence in the poor districts with suspicion,” recalled Jalics later in his writings. “They interprested the fact that we lived there as support of the guerrillas, and they denounced us as terrorists.”

The regime’s henchmen brought the two Jesuits to the Escuela de Mecánica de la Armada (ESMA), a detention center notorious for torture. After five months they were thrown out onto a field half-naked and pumped full of drugs. The priests complained of Bergoglio to Superior General Pedro Arrupe in Rome. But they had already been expelled from the Jesuit order, allegedly due to contact with woman and “conflicts of obedience.”

Accusations of Complicity in Kidnapping

Argentine human rights lawyer Marcelo Parrilli brought Bergoglio’s case to the authorities, accusing him of implication in the kidnapping. That was in April 2005, shortly before the conclave that eventually chose Joseph Ratzinger to become Pope Benedict XVI. Bergoglio reportedly got the second most votes, but stepped aside in deference to Ratzinger.

A Jesuit spokesman called Parrilli’s legal complaint slander. Bergoglio twice used his right to refuse to give evidence in court. When he testified in 2010, his comments were “evasive,” according to human rights lawyer Myriam Bregman. In 2012, Argentine bishops collectively apologized for the mistakes of the church in the country’s “Dirty War” in the 1970s and early 80s — more than 30 years after the fact.

After their detainment, Yorio and Jalics were offered reinstatement into the Jesuit order. Jalics accepted, but Yorio did not.

Yorio never fully recovered from the traumatic experiences in prison. He died in 2000 in Uruguay. Franz Jalics survived the difficult times of torture with the help of meditation and constant prayer. He traveled to Germany in 1978, and later wrote a book about spiritual retreats. He declined to comment on the matter. “But he’s at peace with Bergoglio,” said Jesuit spokesman Thomas Busch. “A few years ago, Father Jalics traveled to Buenos Aires on the invitation of the archbishop, and they talked together.” Nothing is known of their conversation.

A book Jalics wrote in 1995 tells a different story. He says prior to the kidnapping, he described his precarious situation to a superior, warning “that he’s toying with our lives.” He says the “man” promised to explain to the military that they weren’t terrorists. However dozens of documents and statements of witnesses purportedly show that instead of defending the two priests, the same “man” only futher incriminated them. Yorio had related a similar story at the end of the 1970s. At the time, the “man” had a name: Bergoglio.

Felix Quigley posts at


As true Trotskyists we naturally form a bond with patriotic Jews like Ayelet Shaked and with all Jews when they come under attack from Antisemitism because we take the Antisemitism directed against the Jewish State (the Antisemitism against the Jew 2015) and we know that Ayelet is opposed to the likes of the Ken O’Keefes and David Ickes of this world. This picture tells it all. O’Keefe was involved in the above where an Israeli soldier of the IDF is on the ground and is being battered with iron bars. How did he survive! Now just remember that the Israeli Government returned that ship Mavi Marmora to Turkey and that just incenses me. But I await to see what Shaked does actually propose to do on the issue of ilegal immigrants, on Arabs in Israel who hate Israel, on Arabs in Israel, on what is Israel, on issues like the need to close down “Breaking the Silence” and all such groups, and to make it all possible anyway to the immediate disbanding of the Supreme Court. I disagree immediately on the latter with Shaked. The Supreme Court is not to be reformed but to be eliminated.


It must be understood that Ayelet Shaked is Justice Minister because Netanyahu travelled to Congress in the USA to deliver a major attack on Obama on the basis not of internal Israeli issues but on a world issue – the existence of a Fascist Islamist Supremacist power (WHICH IS IRAN) armed with massive killing power in the shape of many Nuclear Bombs, indeed a Nuclear Programme. Now confused Jews on the right are wetting themselves in excitement thinking they have found their saviour in Shaked. I like Shaked better than many Israeli politicians but to say that Shaked has the answers – well I say wait and see. I want to see what she does. So far she has said nothing about what she will do with the Israeli Supreme Court when it is very clear that it must be abolished…like abolished yesterday

…and speaking of abolishing it at once how long has Shaked been in power and what is keeping her giving the Israelis the low down on her plans. When Vladimir Lenin returned to Russia from exile in April 2017 it took Lenin precisely 3 seconds to denounce the Kerensky Government! Leon Trotsky no different. So what is Shaked anyway in the sense of what is her political programme precisely and note I am totally bored with stuff like she is married to a pilot. Ayelet could be married to a dustman who cares!? And what is it that Israel now needs in order to win the fight against an Arab war which seeks its destruction and the killing of all Jews on earth. Is it the programme of Bennett or is it a really revolutionary nationalist programme? I wait more info to see how she faces up. I am already impatient! And I am already in disagreement with her and Bennett who may be??? mere echoes of Bibi in that they extend the vote in Israel to Arabs – very bad move indeed.

Felix Quigley is Irish and posts on the site and on facebook/felix.quigley. He is Trotskyist, materialist, and supports Israel as the national Jewish state where Jews can live UNMOLESTED.


These pictures of savage Islam murdering poor Egyptian workers. If Chaudary has his way this is what Islam will do also to Pamela. How be silent! How!



And the Vatican would be proud to be at the side of Chaudary as the Vatican calls the Cartoon event in Garland as being “blasphemous”

The Irish Times has ignored the death threat by ISIS. too has ignored it. So many “progressives” ignore it and thus are on the side of the savage murderers. is completely totally proudly Marxist and Trotskyist (same thing) and we are taking our stand completely totally proudly at the side of the defence of Pamela Geller against the death threat on her by Islamic Jihad savages.

This is the same thing that happened to the Black Christian girls in Nigeria abducted by Boko Haram. The same thing that happened to the Christian Copts and why the Christian Copts and Egyptian youth supported the overthrow of Morsi by el Sisi. The same thing that happened to the poor Christian Egyptian workers slaughtered on that beach in Libya. And the same thing that happened to the 1400 poor and isolated English girls raped by Muslim savages in Rotherham, Oxford and in all áreas of Britain including Rochdale.


There is a savage Muslim called Chaudary who the British Government of Cameron and the Irish Government also allows walk about free as a bird. He threatened Pamela also with slaughter.


Here’s the text for the Chaudary-Geller video on Hannity:

Radical Imam Tells Pamela Geller on Live TV She Should be SLAUGHTERED. ‘You Want Her to Die!’

Hannity, Pam Geller Come to Blows with Anjem Choudary. Fox News Hannity
Sean Hannity and Pamela Geller got into a pretty fierce shouting match with Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary over whether Geller should be put to death for organizing a cartoon contest to, as Choudary put it, insult Muhammad and all Muslims. The contest, of course, was targeted by two shooters who ended up dead and have reported ties to ISIS.

Choudary has been on Hannity’s show many times before, and tonight Hannity asked him point-blank, “Do you support this death threat against Pam Geller because she ran a free speech contest?”

Choudary argued there’s a difference between cartoons of Mickey Mouse and cartoons of Muhammad, and said Geller went in “knowing full well” many Muslims consider blasphemy an issue worthy of the death penalty. Hannity went off and shouted, “You want her to de!”

Choudary said Geller should be put before a court and tried, and she would end up punished. Geller shot back, “To blame me and say that my cartoons are controversial… murdering cartoonists is controversial.”

They got into a shouting match (Geller told him to stop interrupting and at one point said “I know you’re used to stepping over women”), and Choudary told her she “knew the consequences.” They continued fighting, Choudary went off on a tangent about the U.S. “murdering innocent people,” and Hannity ended by calling him “evil and pathetic.”
Islamic Imam Anjem Choudary told Pamela Geller tonight that she should be slaughtered for her Texas cartoon contest.
This was an AMAZING exchange
Anjem Choudary: We’re talking about people who deliberately had a competition to insult the messenger Mohammad… If you saw the cartoons that Charlie Hebdo drew you would understand the anger. And now this woman was to draw cartoons or have people draw cartoons to insult the prophet knowing full well that this carries the death penalty in Islam… She should be put before Shariah court and tried and of course she would face capitol punishment.
This was an amazing exchange.
Best Line—
Pamela Geller to Anjem Choudary: “I’m talking, sir… I know you’re used to stepping over women but you’re not going to have it here.”

How can anybody stand aside and do nothing against these threats to our liberty?

The Irish Times is ignoring the death threat to Pamela Geller. too. talk Radio Europe too ignores it. The Fascist conspiracy theorists hate Pamela and will assist to kill her.

But Karl Marx understood Islam and there was no bigger opponent of Islam tan Marx. See the crisis in the anti-Jihad movement on this:

Chaudary is indeed evil. He called here for the murdering of Pamela via Sharia Court Law as so many have been murdered, especially women.4


And Chaudary walks free as a bird in Britain and Ireland. No is at the side of Pamela.


The savages of Islamic State and of reactionary Islam tried to murder Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer and the hundreds others who gathered in that hall in Garland Texas on May 3.

Failing in their horrific intent to murder hundreds in that hall the savages have threatened to murder Pamela Geller. send our total support and defence to Geller and others.


Who is going to defend Pamela? in the first place the New York Pólice and so they should. Yesterday Pamela was in deep discussion about that with the NYPD.


Who will defend the American working class and poor people from ISIS?

Who will defend the British workers like the young girls in Rotherham – 1400 raped by ISIS, same in Oxford, same in Rochdale…in fact all over Britain and under Labour Party too!

Who will defend the workers of Sweden and the Young Swedish girls there from rape by ISIS?

Who will defend the workers and Young girls of Dublín when ISIS puts up its Monster Mosque in Clonferry helped by the Irish Government and the likes of Adams of Sinn Fein?

Pamela and Robert have cut themselves off from the working class of their countries and have attacked socialists amd Marxists and Trotskyists like me. But we too are under attack from ISIS. Everybody is.

Pamela and Robert have made their movement an anti-socialist movemernt.

But is socialist and we also are under danger from ISIS. And we are socialist. And Robert Spencer continually attacks socialists.

There is something very wrong here and it is necessary to get to the bottom of it.

Why attack socialism when we on “” are socialist and we oppose the Jihad of Islam, as indeed did Karl Marx.




Mark Steyn

by Felix Quigley


Mark Steyne is a very good communicator. I have watched his videos and he is one of the most confident person I have ever seen talking about politics. Moreover Steyne takes the most honourable position against the Islamic Jihad. In this regard he is a thousand times more progressive tan all the Stalinist and various left people today who often claim to be socialists. Yet Steyne despite all of this has a great belief in capitalism and seems to continually separate Antisemitism from the system. This obviously is a great problem. Promises so much you see!


The left including groups who call themselves Trotskyist but are not Trotskyist (like the wsws or socialist equality) have betrayed the working class over Israel.

I will deal more with the group in this series of articles. Suffice to say they pose as supporters of Trotsky but are far from that.

Mark Steyn.jpg

Steyn at CPAC 2008 Wikipedia



There are two approaches to the defence of Jews and of Israel. One of these is from capitalist or bourgeois Jews. The second is from us, we defend Israel, and we are revolutionary socialists.

This is very much at the centre of this website. Since Trotsky was murdered there has not been a Trotskyist or Trotskyist organization which supports Israel.

Stalin was an Antisemite and Criminal of the worst kind but Leon Trotsky supported the creation of the Jewish state and in the 1930s before he was assassinated in Mexico in 1940 the issue of the Jewish fate was very important for Trotsky.


A very great socialist hater is a man called Mark Steyn. Steyn is actually very well known in many circles. He has had many columns in many papers including even the Irish Times. Steyn is a very reactionary person.



His method is to disparage. He uses wit, can be amusing,  but is tedious after a while.

As regards method…He is totally predicatable. After a certain number of his “witty” paragraphs Steyn always introduces his main message and it is always very reactionary.

His “wit” is actually a cover for very base and evil politics.



In one of his articles Steyn wants to back the Joe McCarthy anti-Communist crusade.

He does not start off by saying that “I Mark Steyn back McCarthy and would back a McCarthyism of today”

Not so simple…First of all he attacks Arthur Miller (because Miller attacked McCarthyism).

He attacks the plays of Miller. He attacks the ability of Miller as a writer (which may or may not be true, I am no judge and that is not the issue). He attacks the Miller relationship with Marilyn Monroe.

But understand…that is all a diversión. Steyn is a political ideologue of US Imperialism. He supports Imperialism and he supports Capitalism.

Steyn comes at things from a tangent. It is called subterfuge!

The central point here is that McCarthyism was a campaign by the American ruling class in the shape of McCarthy against communism.


McCarthy did not oppose Stalinism at all. At no point did McCarthy ever refer to Stalinism.

McCarthy, Stein, and the more recent Diana West and Gates of Vienna, this whole circle, do not ever oppose Stalinism.

Find for us anywhere that the ex-US Intelligence worker who published Gates of Vienna has ever explained what is Stalinism.

It is a conscious strategy – they deliberately confuse Stalinism with Communism.

That is fundamental in Steyn and in all of these circles right across the board. I mentioned Gates of Vienna. I also add Jihad Watch and the Pamela Geller website.

The central message is that there is no difference between Lenin and Stalin, and between Trotsky and Stalin, or between Plekhanov and Stalin…we could go on here.

Rather the message is that they (people like Steyn) are very happy with the claim that Stalinism was the same as Leninism or Trotskyism.

That suits their purpose, to deny the validity of the communist and socialist argument.



To do that though it is necessary to simply leave out a whole section of world history. If Steyn had said that he supported the outing of the Stalinist network of spies in the America of the 1930s well fine. That is worthwhile in that it furthers knowledge.

But Steyn does not do that. He is on a different message. He wants to present Stalinism as being Leninism or Trotskyism.



What was the actual role of Stalin in the 1930s and 1940s? Everywhere it was to liquidate revolutionaries and therefore the revolution. It was not a revolutionary force. It was a counter revolutionary force.



Steyn approaches it in his peculiar way.  It is always the same with Steyn. it is well to remmeber this.

So…A whole long introductory section cutting into Miller as man and playwright. Remember that many are very personal attacks.

All of these things about Miller are extraneous to the main issue at hand.

Such as…Miller is boring. Miller has only the one theme attacking America. Miller lived with Munro but did not know her. Miller was fond of money (as if Steyn lives in poverty!)

We will see later in these articles that Robert Service and others use the same method in his biography of Trotsky!

Many lap this kind of stuff up. That is where Steyn partially wins.

But you can rest assured that it is going to be the padding and it will introduce the real content at the centre of Steyn. He hates socialism, hates communism, hates the October Revolution, hates Lenin and hates Trotsky above all.

But Steyn does not hate Stalin or Stalinism. He in fact is providing a backing for Stalinism.

So Mark Steyn introduces after much ado his main message. He does this in a Jewish magazine, and that is also part of the big problem.

The message by Steyn is hatred of communism. He is a communist hater given space in a Jewish magazine. How shameful is that!



“Miller was the most useful of the useful idiots. It was a marvelous inspiration to recast the communist “hysteria” of the 1950s as the Salem witch trials of the 1690s. Many people have pointed out the obvious flaw with ”The Crucible” — that there were no witches, whereas there were certainly communists. For one thing, they were gobbling up a lot of real estate: They seized Poland in 1945, Bulgaria in ’46, Hungary and Romania in ’47, Czechoslovakia in ’48, China in ’49; they very nearly grabbed Greece and Italy; they were the main influence on the nationalist movements of Africa and Asia. Imagine the Massachusetts witch trials if the witches were running Virginia, New York and New Hampshire, and you might have a working allegory. As it is, Miller’s play is an early example of the distinguishing characteristic of the modern Western left: its hermetically sealed parochialism. His genius was to give his fellow lefties what’s become their most cherished article of faith — that any kind of urgent national defence is, by definition, paranoid and hysterical. It was untrue in the ’50s, and it’s untrue today. Indeed, the hysteria about hysteria — the ”criminalization” of ”dissent” — is far more hysterical than the hysteria about Reds.”



“They very nearly grabbed Greece” says Steyn in the above

But what does he leave out? There certainly was a revolution going on in Greece. What was happening in Greece post 1945 and why? This is where people like Steyn are very silent. That is an issue for another time but here it is clear…the reader will not learn much from Steyn about anything.

In this article I have been showing the pernicious method of Steyn. He presents himself as a sage cum wit, but this is merely an introduction or stratagem (trick) for him to attack Communism. Above all he says nothing about Stalinism but presents Stalinism as Trotskyism. He is using the Old Lie.


I saw this article in…Jewish World Review  Feb. 22, 2005 / 13 Adar I, 5765


 Article was called “Ballyhooed ‘Crucible’ was way out in left field”

Listed in

It is also carried here and see the absolutely stupid people who comment, to understand the crisis in capitalist ideology





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As we add titles above we will explain them