Mark Steyn

by Felix Quigley


Mark Steyne is a very good communicator. I have watched his videos and he is one of the most confident person I have ever seen talking about politics. Moreover Steyne takes the most honourable position against the Islamic Jihad. In this regard he is a thousand times more progressive tan all the Stalinist and various left people today who often claim to be socialists. Yet Steyne despite all of this has a great belief in capitalism and seems to continually separate Antisemitism from the system. This obviously is a great problem. Promises so much you see!


The left including groups who call themselves Trotskyist but are not Trotskyist (like the wsws or socialist equality) have betrayed the working class over Israel.

I will deal more with the group in this series of articles. Suffice to say they pose as supporters of Trotsky but are far from that.

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Steyn at CPAC 2008 Wikipedia



There are two approaches to the defence of Jews and of Israel. One of these is from capitalist or bourgeois Jews. The second is from us, we defend Israel, and we are revolutionary socialists.

This is very much at the centre of this website. Since Trotsky was murdered there has not been a Trotskyist or Trotskyist organization which supports Israel.

Stalin was an Antisemite and Criminal of the worst kind but Leon Trotsky supported the creation of the Jewish state and in the 1930s before he was assassinated in Mexico in 1940 the issue of the Jewish fate was very important for Trotsky.


A very great socialist hater is a man called Mark Steyn. Steyn is actually very well known in many circles. He has had many columns in many papers including even the Irish Times. Steyn is a very reactionary person.



His method is to disparage. He uses wit, can be amusing,  but is tedious after a while.

As regards method…He is totally predicatable. After a certain number of his “witty” paragraphs Steyn always introduces his main message and it is always very reactionary.

His “wit” is actually a cover for very base and evil politics.



In one of his articles Steyn wants to back the Joe McCarthy anti-Communist crusade.

He does not start off by saying that “I Mark Steyn back McCarthy and would back a McCarthyism of today”

Not so simple…First of all he attacks Arthur Miller (because Miller attacked McCarthyism).

He attacks the plays of Miller. He attacks the ability of Miller as a writer (which may or may not be true, I am no judge and that is not the issue). He attacks the Miller relationship with Marilyn Monroe.

But understand…that is all a diversión. Steyn is a political ideologue of US Imperialism. He supports Imperialism and he supports Capitalism.

Steyn comes at things from a tangent. It is called subterfuge!

The central point here is that McCarthyism was a campaign by the American ruling class in the shape of McCarthy against communism.


McCarthy did not oppose Stalinism at all. At no point did McCarthy ever refer to Stalinism.

McCarthy, Stein, and the more recent Diana West and Gates of Vienna, this whole circle, do not ever oppose Stalinism.

Find for us anywhere that the ex-US Intelligence worker who published Gates of Vienna has ever explained what is Stalinism.

It is a conscious strategy – they deliberately confuse Stalinism with Communism.

That is fundamental in Steyn and in all of these circles right across the board. I mentioned Gates of Vienna. I also add Jihad Watch and the Pamela Geller website.

The central message is that there is no difference between Lenin and Stalin, and between Trotsky and Stalin, or between Plekhanov and Stalin…we could go on here.

Rather the message is that they (people like Steyn) are very happy with the claim that Stalinism was the same as Leninism or Trotskyism.

That suits their purpose, to deny the validity of the communist and socialist argument.



To do that though it is necessary to simply leave out a whole section of world history. If Steyn had said that he supported the outing of the Stalinist network of spies in the America of the 1930s well fine. That is worthwhile in that it furthers knowledge.

But Steyn does not do that. He is on a different message. He wants to present Stalinism as being Leninism or Trotskyism.



What was the actual role of Stalin in the 1930s and 1940s? Everywhere it was to liquidate revolutionaries and therefore the revolution. It was not a revolutionary force. It was a counter revolutionary force.



Steyn approaches it in his peculiar way.  It is always the same with Steyn. it is well to remmeber this.

So…A whole long introductory section cutting into Miller as man and playwright. Remember that many are very personal attacks.

All of these things about Miller are extraneous to the main issue at hand.

Such as…Miller is boring. Miller has only the one theme attacking America. Miller lived with Munro but did not know her. Miller was fond of money (as if Steyn lives in poverty!)

We will see later in these articles that Robert Service and others use the same method in his biography of Trotsky!

Many lap this kind of stuff up. That is where Steyn partially wins.

But you can rest assured that it is going to be the padding and it will introduce the real content at the centre of Steyn. He hates socialism, hates communism, hates the October Revolution, hates Lenin and hates Trotsky above all.

But Steyn does not hate Stalin or Stalinism. He in fact is providing a backing for Stalinism.

So Mark Steyn introduces after much ado his main message. He does this in a Jewish magazine, and that is also part of the big problem.

The message by Steyn is hatred of communism. He is a communist hater given space in a Jewish magazine. How shameful is that!



“Miller was the most useful of the useful idiots. It was a marvelous inspiration to recast the communist “hysteria” of the 1950s as the Salem witch trials of the 1690s. Many people have pointed out the obvious flaw with ”The Crucible” — that there were no witches, whereas there were certainly communists. For one thing, they were gobbling up a lot of real estate: They seized Poland in 1945, Bulgaria in ’46, Hungary and Romania in ’47, Czechoslovakia in ’48, China in ’49; they very nearly grabbed Greece and Italy; they were the main influence on the nationalist movements of Africa and Asia. Imagine the Massachusetts witch trials if the witches were running Virginia, New York and New Hampshire, and you might have a working allegory. As it is, Miller’s play is an early example of the distinguishing characteristic of the modern Western left: its hermetically sealed parochialism. His genius was to give his fellow lefties what’s become their most cherished article of faith — that any kind of urgent national defence is, by definition, paranoid and hysterical. It was untrue in the ’50s, and it’s untrue today. Indeed, the hysteria about hysteria — the ”criminalization” of ”dissent” — is far more hysterical than the hysteria about Reds.”



“They very nearly grabbed Greece” says Steyn in the above

But what does he leave out? There certainly was a revolution going on in Greece. What was happening in Greece post 1945 and why? This is where people like Steyn are very silent. That is an issue for another time but here it is clear…the reader will not learn much from Steyn about anything.

In this article I have been showing the pernicious method of Steyn. He presents himself as a sage cum wit, but this is merely an introduction or stratagem (trick) for him to attack Communism. Above all he says nothing about Stalinism but presents Stalinism as Trotskyism. He is using the Old Lie.


I saw this article in…Jewish World Review  Feb. 22, 2005 / 13 Adar I, 5765


 Article was called “Ballyhooed ‘Crucible’ was way out in left field”

Listed in

It is also carried here and see the absolutely stupid people who comment, to understand the crisis in capitalist ideology





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