I repeat again that David Cameron and Mrs Teresa May the Home Secretary of UK knew in advance that Tunisia was an extreme danger to holidaymakers from the UK.

In the interests of protecting the Jihad they did not act on vital information that they had at their complete disposal.


Financial Times Nov 2 2014…Syrian jihad lures disaffected Tunisian youth

Business Insider Oct 22 2014…Here’s why so many of Tunisian youth are drawn to ISIS

dailystar…Disillusioned Tunisian youths at forefront of Syrian Jihad

TheGuardian Oct 13 2014…Tunisia becomes breeding ground for Islamic State fighters

And from Open Democracy July 19 2014…Jul 19, 2014 there is this utterly alarming blurb – A surge of Tunisian jihadists into Syria tells much about the wider story of … some 3,000 Tunisians have become foreign fighters in Syria, joining … why are so many young men attracted to groups like JAN and ISIS in Syria?

That is all on page one of a simple google search under “tunisia youth joining the Jihad in Syria” made just now

What makes this far far worse as far as Cameron and May are concerned is that these two politicians banned from Britain two people who could have advised and warned (thus thereby and very definitely saving many lives) about Islam as in this report:

“Jun 26, 2013 – Two prominent US bloggers have been banned from entering the UK, the Home Office has said. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer” on BBC News June 26

So what we have here is all the leaders in our world (especially Western World and not Russia, China and Japan etc.) actually putting the lives of citizens at risk by their cover and promotion of Islam and the Jihad which necessarily goes along with Islam. Note the connivance of the Irish Government in the planned building of the MegaMosque in Clonferry, North Dublin…the Irish politicians of the Dail GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to pass the plans for a mosque (largest in Europe) in a non Muslim area of Dublin.

This is the ruling capitalist governmental elite.

But what of the “left”. Quite simply the “left” is supportive of Islam and Jihad. This has nothing to do but is the opposite of the classical socialism. There are only two explanations for this: One they are taken over by CIA or MI5 etc; two they are totally disorientated politically…

Many working people including Irish working people who saved for a short holiday in the sun have paid with their lives.


by Felix Quigley 28 June 2015


A video shows the Islam killer marching about in shorts and rifle with Muslims behind him. He was separating out the Kuffir from the Muslims to kill the kuffir! Standard practice and happened also in Kenya. Happens all the time to Jews in Israel. By Hamas and Fatah.


Just some days ago we wrote about Thomas Evans who was a British boy converted to Islam, went to Somalia to fight with Al-Shabaab, killed June 14 in Kenya. We said that if that was to happen anywhere in Britain then it means that Cameron and all the other Western Leaders have lost control. But it happened actually in Tunisia on a beach by the Med where British ordinary people had went to get a bit of a holiday.


The story of Thomas Evans/Abdul Hakim must be sending shivers down the UK corporate back. This young British man was converted to be a Muslim and his one aim was to be a Jihadist. This raises the issue of what is Islam, what is the Jihad. Is the Jihad somehow separate from Islam or is it connected as I believe with the very essence of Islam, and especially with Islam in an historical sense? Without Jihad Islam would not have conquered one square foot of terrirory..FACT!. The Karen Armstrong view of Islam which she has promoted in many programmes on the BBC is false.” END QUOTE

So sadly we were too right. They are totally out of control of their own country and as far as keeping their own people safe (primary task of governments)  they are useless.

Cameron and May have been feeding the cool-aid to their people. Islam is peaceful they said. The Arab Spring was wonderful they said. Tunisia is particularly good and peaceful they said.

But Cameron and Teresa May were lying about Tunisia because they knew that it led in the sending of Young Jihadists to fight alongside with Islamic State.

So Cameron and Teresa May knew very well of the danger. These Jihadists could come back and where do you think they would go to cause the maximum damage to Tunisia – to the beach of course.

And how out of control are the Tunisian Government who take all of these unfortunate British people into their country, where the Young Jihadist casually walked around for 7 minutes, reloading twice, with Muslims behind him, separating as he went Muslims from Infidels, without a challenge. In other words the Tunisians had taken no precautions. Not one armed guard.

The Guardian report had this which I thought interesting:

Tunisia’s president said the attack was “worse than terribleand has called for a unified international response to terrorist threats”


But say this is not “terrorism” this is the Jihad of Islam and all of this is written down in the Koran and other foundational documents of Islam.

And that is the problema RIGHT THERE! The Governments of Europe do not want to know this. The Media also do not want to know precisely this.

They resist anybody who simply points to the Koran as the source of this terrible evil.

All kinds of rsistance tactics I can see being wheeled out on by whole teams of people whose politics I simply do not understand or can pin down. Nor do I know their identity in Ireland and their facebook and twitter accounts to me seem well a little strange! All I know is that they are resisting the truth being made known.

After news of these Ramadan murders by Islam broke and listening to the cool-aid of the notorious BBC I wrote:

“Ben Ali must be horrified but not surprised. These secular leaders like him, Gadhafi, Mubarak and Assad knew the reality of Islam because they themselves come from Islam.

Afte all Nasser tried to befriend Sayeed Qutb but found that the Muslim Brotherhood were murderous and had Qutb executed foir Jihadism against him – Nasser.

The 22 year old Jihadist fanatic simply sauntered onto the beach area with his sun umbrella. Problem is the Kalashnikov was inside it. So simple. He was in perfect disguise. As instructed by Islamic State he was always a student interested in Break dancing. So from the moves of break dancing to the hunting down of the Kuffir was perfectly simple.

But the leaders have brought in so many Muslims into their countriees this could happen in any Saturday morning shopping in any square in Britain or Sweden or France. And likely will

Thus the situation is now out of their control and the rules of Jihad take over.”

And at the same time as the rulers tell lies about Islam they also take away the rights of the working class in countries like Britain and Ireland and say we are “haters” for telling the truth


WSWS not Trotskysit they are supportingthe enslavement of these Yazedi girls in their attack on Pamela…This American group called is claiming to be “Trotskyist” and “Marxist” but it is engaged in the worst of American Imperialist propaganda. Like Obama they are denying the persecution of Christians and never ever report on the plight of minorities under Islam and ISIS. This scurvy group likely infiltrated to the hilt by American Intelligence has attacked Pamela Geller and supports the killers of Islam in Garland and elsewhere. Beware they have nothing to do with the Trotsky who fought for the Jews against Fascism and predicted the Holocaust to come in 1938


They leave me totally speechless – this group of scurvy reactionaries naming itself, initials which stand for – who cares really, they are a group pretending to be Trotskyist but are trampling over every principle of socialism.

Karl Marx made the socialist position towards Islam completely clear. He identified Islam as completely anti-humanitarian and potentially fascist in this:


“The Koran and the Mussulman legislation emanating from it reduce the geography and ethnography of the various peoples to the simple and convenient distinction of two nations and of two countries; those of the Faithful and of the Infidels.”

If you google “Marx and Islam” among much disinformation by various sources you will find a gem of truth top of page 2

The wsws rewrites the whole of the history and crucial record of Marx, and Trotsky follows on from Marx do not forget, and does so continually, which means that it is a group which has either lost its way politically and/or been taken over by US Intelligence just as Sinn Fein was taken over by British Intelligence pre Good Friday Agreement, to do what their handlers wanted.

Such groups can actually become the mouthpiece for the ruling class and their intelligence agencies. The Conspiracy theorist groups are nearly every one provable to be in that category if you examine closely their method, which is ALWAYS assertion without proof. In other words anti-scientific method, the swamp of subjective idealism, and perfect working ground for Intelligence Agencies like the CIA to do entry tactics.



“The leader of the group and the event’s organizer was Pamela Geller, who previously won notoriety as one of the instigators of a racist campaign against the so-called “Ground Zero mosque,” an attempt to whip up lynch mob hysteria over a proposed Islamic cultural center near the site of the former World Trade Center buildings.

She has also received media attention through a series of lawsuits aimed at forcing local transit authorities to place openly racist and inflammatory anti-Muslim advertisement posters on buses and in subway stations. Last month, a federal judge ruled in her favor, finding that New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) cannot prevent her from having a poster with the text “Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah” next to the image of a young man in a keffiyeh, a traditional Middle Eastern headdress.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks white supremacist and fascist organizations, has described Geller’s outfit as a “hate group,” noting that she “has mingled comfortably with European racists and fascists.”

Indeed, brought to the US to make the main speech at the cartoon contest in Texas was the Dutch member of parliament and leader of the extreme right-wing Party for Freedom, Geert Wilders. A self-proclaimed advocate of “free speech” when it comes to vilifying Muslims, Wilders has called for a ban on the publication of the Quran.”

We really cannot allow without warning such a group as wsws calling itself “Trotskyist” REMEMBERING the honourable record of struggle of Trotsky, the very one person in the world who predicted and warned in graphic terms the Holocaust of the Jews (at the end of 1938)

People have to be warned that this wsws which lines up in the above with the Fascist Southern Poverty Law Center is NOT Trotskyist in any shape or form.

This wsws are also total liars. the reference above on “killing Jews” comes from Hamas and does not materialise as they suggest out of thin air. All Pamela was doing was to quote Hamas.


“During the eight-day military conflict between Hamas and Israel, Hamas broadcast various ideological messages on its official Al-Aqsa TV station. One recurring message called for the killing of Jews, which Hamas defined as a religious Islamic act in worship of Allah. During one music video, these words were shown on the screen:

“Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah”


A Yazedi girl looks out but is she accusing Israel?…her frank gaze may be accusing Israel for the role that Israel has played in the Jihadi war against Assad and Syria which has been breaking up the traditional structure of Syria. It follows on the same happening in Iraq after the illegal war conducted by Bush and Blair, US and British Imperialism, to have the secular dictator Saddam removed and executed, but also removing Saddam as the person who held Iraq together and kept the Jihad under his foot. I am certain, absolutely certain, that some of these savages who Israeli doctors patched up, went back to the enslaving of Yazedi girls like this, and the destruction of thousands of years of the architecture of humanity. Jews must take action now and force the Knesset to take action and the Supreme Court which blocks all progressive action must be disbanded immediately and not reformed as is the policy of Shaked.


by Felix Quigley on 24 june 2015…Facebook is /felix.quigley

Israel has been treating “fighters” taking them from the Golan border and then patched up inside Israeli hospitals paid for by quite hard up Jewish voters they return to (where?)

Nothing shows better the great danger that the present Israli elite are putting the great Jewish people and their state Israel into. This must be widely discussed and an immediate correction made.

Israel is obviously like a small child in a world of evil. Its overall leadership is quite unable to defend the historical interests and nature of the Jewish people.

This has come about because partisan Druze gangs in the Golan a few days ago (reported mainly by debka in a main article) attacked and killed these in the ambulance making its way from the front to the hospital.

Everybody is at sixes and sevens over this, pious humanitarian like comments, sheer confusion.

Yet it is not confusing at all. The basic principles that Israel must base itself on, but at present does not are:

1. No aid from Israel and Jews in the destruction of nation states – nowhere and no time!

2. Do everything possible to defeat Muslim Jihad in all its forms and in every place!

This ambulances ferrying from the Golan Front violates these basic principles totally. It is more than possible that those “fighters” patched up in Israeli hospitals go back to engage in such humanitarian works as the enslavement of Yazedi girls. Or destroy our architectural heritage of a rich antiquity so vital for the future of humanity (Imagine here destroying leaving no trace our wonderful Newgrange)

And their ultimate aim is the total destruction of Syria, its dissolving into a Caliphate where all national issues are a thing of the past, and in the case of Assad involves his murder and the genocide to the last person of all Alawites and Christians (who are suporting Assad from the beginning 4 years ago)

As an Irish Trotskyist with a clear record of defending the Jews and Israel I say to this Israeli elite: “Your medical humanitarianism be dammed! The fight to defend nation state and to oppose Muslim Jihad trumps all of that!”

So what can be done? the very first thing is the founding of a Trotskyist party in Israel. I am quite amazed at the numbers of Israeli pundits there are on the net. They are most wordy. They can talk forever. Yet when you pause to analyse what they say it is the very oppsoite of what I propose here.

It seems to me that the influence of the dominant world Imperialisms, British and American, is also very dominant among these talking elites.

And there is also a huge arrogance attached which certianly does not come from Judaism but comes from US Imperialist and British Imperialist arrogance.

So it can not be easy and therefore necessitates banding together in a committed party based on the whole history of this struggle of the Jews but also on the whole history of Trotskyism and Marxism.

Other than that I can see no way of defending Israel as an independent nation state.


The thought that Israel and its Defence Industry would go wading into the situation of Georgia which was being backed to the hilt by US Imperialism and its CIA to make war on Russia is almost unthinkable. But they did! And despite Michael Oren’s book it is a fact that Israel has proven incapable of taking any position internationally that will challenge US Imperialism, thus lending weight to the charge by Antisemites that Israel is a tool of Imperialism. The present position of Israeli leaderrs and all Israeli writers etc. in relation to Syria is equally traitorous and IS pro-Imperialist.



QUOTE FROM YNET…”As the tension between Russia and Georgia grew, however, increasing voices were heard in Israel – particularly in the Foreign Ministry – calling on the Defense Ministry to be more selective in the approval of the deals with Georgia for fear that they would anger Russia.

“It was clear that too many unmistakable Israeli systems in the possesion of the Georgian army would be like a red cloth in the face of a raging bull as far as Russia is concerned,” explained a source in the defense establishment.

For inctance(sic), the Russians viewed the operation of the Elbit System’s RPVs as a real provocation.

“It was clear that the Russians were angry,” says a defense establishment source, “and that the interception of three of these RPVs in the past three months was an expression of this anger. Not everyone in Israel understood the sensitive nerve Israel touched when it supplied such an advanced arms system to a country whose relations with Russia are highly tense.”

In May it was eventually decide to approve future deals with Georgia only for the sale of non-offensive weapon systems, such as intelligence, communications and computer systems, and not to approve deals for the sale of rifles, aircraft, sells, etc.




Georgian Minister Temur Yakobashvili said Saturday.

Yakobashvili is a Jew and is fluent in Hebrew. “We are now in a fight against the great Russia,” he said, “and our hope is to receive assistance from the White House, because Georgia cannot survive on its own.

[ Ynet, 10 August 2008]



The Georgian issue is the same as Israel reference all of the main turning points over the past 20 years. Especially such as Yugoslavia, from the 90s into the present, as in Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Libya and now of course Syria.

In none of these countries did Israel stand for a much needed and international law aproved territorial independence and integrity. The absolutely key experience was Iraq and Saddam. In that case Sharon actually called it right, opposed the war on Saddam, but there were huge forces in Israel supporting that war (such as Caroline Glick and Netanyahu), and moreover it did not help that Sharon swore himself to silence in public.

Israeli leaders are very very good at adjusting their position AFTER the event but DURING the event they always were taking a US Imperialist position and that is fact.

It is also the fact that in relation to the war by many forces but especially by the combination of US Imperialism (Obama) and Jihad on Assad … that Israel has had the most reactionary and downright cowardly position. It is complicated I admit by the presence of Iran and Hizbullah but that I INSIST is not the essence of the issue which is the territorial integrity of the nation of Syria.

I just cannot see how Israel can even begin to sell itself abroad among progressive people and people who think for themselves with such a record – ongoing.

In the quote above from Ynet and concerning Georgia the “Not everyone in Israel understood the sensitive nerve” – well the answer is that this is a stupid and evasive remark. Israel knew exactly what it was up to in at least one key respect – tucking itself in behind the US, Britain and NATO in their war on Russia with the undercurrent (as in Yugoslavia) war on communism, even though Milosevic and his party were much more fuzzy social democrats than Leninists. And with that kind of evasiveness nothing will change which with every single month going by, the crisis of capitalism developing apace, and this crisis reflected in the growth of Fascism such as ISIS.

I believe that real Jewish patriots will now focus on the present which is the role of Israel towards Syria which is not JUST a country created 100 years ago but as long lived as the Jewish nation certainly


by Felix Quigley 17 June 2015


The story of Thomas Evans/Abdul Hakim must be sending shivers down the UK corporate back. This young British man was converted to be a Muslim and his one aim was to be a Jihadist. This raises the issue of what is Islam, what is the Jihad. Is the Jihad somehow separate from Islam or is it connected as I believe with the very essence of Islam, and especially with Islam in an historical sense? Without Jihad Islam would not have conquered one square foot of terrirory..FACT!. The Karen Armstrong view of Islam which she has promoted in many programmes on the BBC is false.

But why the “shivers”? I say this because there is just a very short jump from joining al Shabab in Kenya, or Boko Haram in Nigeria, or ISIS in Syria, there carrying out armed actions including suicide bombings, and doing the same in Boots England on a crowded Saturday afternoon. I have dramatised that but that is the essence. I do not wish to alarm but that seems to me to be just common sense.

The British ruling class of both Tory, Labour and Liberal, with the exception of only a few individuals such as Enoch Powell, have been responsible for both legal immigration and more and more illegal immigration based on the relative anchor or the “child anchor” and many other stratagems.

It is interesting that Enoch Powell was by no means a friend of the British worker and working class families. But in this case of warning about the danger of illegal immigration he has turned out to be so, and indeed was.

The working class in Britain has been paralysed by a servile trade union leadership mired in this very same ruling class political correctness and support for immigration of all kinds legal and illegal. Thus the working class in Britain found itself leaderless and this especially applies to areas such as Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford, where the capitalist crisis has created an underclass almost, and so young workers and unemployed youth were cast into a very confusing situation. WITH NO LEADERSHIP! Perhaps some turned to drugs. One also must remember that the very class conscious Margaret Thatcher stockpiled coal and deliberately provoking the miners set out to smash the tradional heart of working class Britain, the Miners Union. It is typical of the British crafty ruling class that Thatcher also succeeded in setting up an alternative to Scargill in Nottingham who acted as open scabs but were summarily sacked, their Nottingham mines closed down anyway, shortly after the strike had been defeated. All of that plays into immigration, and immigration as a weapon, against the tradional British working class. Out of this comes the real danger from Jihad and Jihadists like this British youth Evans.

Because space is short here I have not really talked about the role of left wing revisionism like the SWP more and more influenced by conspiracy theory subjective idealists (nut jobs) like David Icke. For another day perhaps. Some of my Jewish Facebook friends are now placing “left” in inverted commas. There I just did it. That is real progress but much still has to be done to explain this phenomenon. What they are really doing is emphasising that the real story of socialism and socialist leadership has yet to be told.


Obama in 2009 in Cairo welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood and through them the formation of the later ISIS. But it was the Bush war on Iraq to remove Saddam that opened the door to this enslavement of the Yazedi girls shown above, captured and enslaved according to the strictures laid down in the Koran by what followed the Bush war. The Israeli older elites cannot see this and there needs to be a new turn to youth by us.



JUNE 12, 2015

Every Friday Martin Sherman publishes a piece of analysis on the issues facing Israel titled “Into The Fray” a long going series. The latest is “The Masquerade behind Obama’s Jewish Outreach”. It seems to me that Obama is a thorough going Antisermite and that he spends his time playing with the Jews in that kind of faux superior way that was done by the Gaebbels trash nazis and Obama too is a trash Nazi. But many of us know that. It is so obvious to us. Far more dangerous in my book are those like Rumsfeld who pose (and aided by neocons like Melanie Philips) as the Friends of the Jews and of Israel. That is the catch right there. So I made this comment on the Martin Sherman Facebook page. I will sum up at the end.

QUOTE MY COMMENT ON FACEBOOK: I wonder is it true that Obama is posing as a friend of the Jews. It is more like playing a game with the Jews – the game that Antisemites play. If American Jews are not seeing through this then there is a big problem there but that is a separate question. It seems to me that Obama is playing into the whole of the Left Fascist BDS operation. I think he is part of that group. His association with Khalidi and Wright is revealing, was then and ever more so as he enars the end. He and Carter are very alike. But most do see that. At least the circles I move in see it very well.

What I am far more concerned with is not what Martin Sherman calls the “left” but what he calls the “right” who are in a position to do far more damage to Israel and to Jews than are Obama.

They did so already. Many of these Jews like Ted Belman and like Caroline Glick and like Melanie Philips have never renounced their support for Bush and his war to remove Saddam in 2003. THAT means that they would do the very same again. Total idiots! THAT is the danger. THAT is the biggest danger of all.

Also the bogey man of Obama is being used, at least starting to be used in earnest, to prevent Israel from actually doing a deal (a temporary deal) with El Sisi and the Saudis to strike a crippling blow against the Iranian bomb making operations. The opportunity door is open for the moment. I fear that pilots will be lost but millions of Jews will be lost if this is not done.

The alliance of the Israelis with the American republican imperialists is more damaging because they are presented as friends. I see (this morning just published) the recent interview that this inveterate neocon Melanie Philips has done with that very damaging to Jews Donald Rumsfeld as a huge warning sigh. I am literally sick to my stomach at the hypocrisy in that interview.


1. Obama is not left or leftist or marxist or socialist or anything like that. Obama is Left Fascist. That is Nazi and Antisemite and is linked to the Nazi BDS movement.

2. By harping on against Obama many Israelis are using Obama in order to avoid taking action against Iran. Iran must be stopped by striking against the Bomb making places. That is localised hits not involving as a  whole in any way the suffering Iranian people.

3. By harping on about Obama there is obscuring of the need to do a temporary deal with the Saudis and with el Sisi to make that hit posible. THAT is what needs to be placed on the agenda not next week but this week meaning NOW.

4. The BDS movement is not well characterised by many Israelis and Jews. it is not left or leftist. It is Left Fascist and thus it uses the same tactics as did the Nazis. Deliberately giving a left cover to Fascism. These people on BDS and on this whole conspiracy menagerie are NAZI! They are a cover for the Nazi Iran and the Nazi ISIS and the Nazi CAIR and the Nazi Muslim Brotherhood.

5. The Palestinian Arab movement falls precisely into that section. It is a Nazi movement and its leadership here is what counts. Its leadership was the Arab Palestinian Antisemite Hajj Amin el Husseini who was central in the murder of 6 millions of Jews. The Palestinian movement is Nazi and the Palestinian State will be Nazi aimed at the completion of that Holocaust.

6. The biggest danger comes from waiting. The biggest dangers comes from the links with American Imperialists, with the NeoCons like the British NeoCon Melanie Philips and with links with Rumsfeld.

7. There is need to turn to the youth and away from these tired Israeli elitist circles who promote people like Rumsfeld

8. Just remember Obama in his Cairo speech encouraged the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS in the enslavement of the Azedis. But Rumsfeld by removing Saddam and breaking up Iraq made that enslavement and butchery possible. Who is better? None! Both totally evil!


The first thing is that Israel and Jews have lost the socialist movement in the world.

I mean lost it totally not 99 but a 100 per cent.

Lost it so badly that nowadays and for quite a long time Israel and Jews have set in (cosily but stupidly) under a process of rationalisation of this fact.

Who am I and moreover who am I to make such a dogmatic statement which will stick in the throat of many Jews and Israeli?. My name is above, I am Irish, I am on the left, I was taken in by the Palestinian narrative for a time but I have seen through that about 35 years ago and have been opposed to the Palestinian Arab narrative for a long time, thinking of it as a pack of lies with roots in the Stalin pact with Hitler in 1939 and in the lies against the Jews of the Nazis. But I emphasise I am on the left absolutely firmly and I have not the slightest confidence that capitalism can bring any future to anybody except misery and more misery.

The question I pose all the time is “If Israel is right and if the Israeli narrative is so truthful then why is it continually losing”.

The answer is here: Study the videos made by Israeli campaigner Dr. Ruth Wisse who fights against Antisemitism. Then/But when Ruth Wisse came to comment on the  movement in America based on the 99/1 per cent she became a capitalist, a member of the ruling elite in America, a hater of the working class and an enemy of socialism.

Ruth spoke for Jews. Now put yourself in the shoes of a youth in America. I would say about 95 per cent or so are against the system and for good reason (this is not just youth rebellion or anything like that – it is far more fundamental).

The result: I would venture there is a major disconnect right there.

The main supporter of Israel in Ireland, a guy called Mark Humphries, is a thorough going pro-capitalist in Ireland, at a time when the working class in Ireland is being impoverished. On that “Tough s..t”  Mark Humphries would say!

So what do you think the reaction of a working class youth in Ireland to Mark might be?

Do I really need to ask!!!

A quite comical incident this very morning. I scanned through a Facebook run by Richard Mather. Down there was a picture of British royalty with six likes attached.

What you think a Young British worker girl or boy would think of that site? Again do I really need to answer. I mean if Israel (and Jews) is not on the side of a republic and against royalty then they are living in another universe to me.

But forget about me. I don’t count. To the 99 per cent of youth in Britain!

Israel missed the boat big time in 2003 when Bush embarked on his mad rush to democratise the Middle East and invaded Iraq. Sharon a wise man opposed the invasión. Sharon though the Israeli coward kept his opposition PRIVATE.

P R I V A T E!!!

The biggest issue in the past 50 years and he could not roar from the top of the Temple Mount his opposition to Bush in that disastrous war.

Just a few thoughts on why Israel lost and is losing big time AND WILL CONTINUE TO LOSE EVEN MORE




The planned overthrow of Assad in Syria is going to have the same disastrous results as the overthrow of all of the other secular type dictatorial leaders in Arab lands. It is the growing threat of Fascism in the world. In the west there is no real Fascist movement with which to take on the rising working class (see Spain how the youth are reacting to the crisis) but there is a growing Fascism in Arab lands. It takes the form of the Fascism of especially ISIS.
From the very beginning of this we called for the defence of these secular leaders such as Mubarak and Gadhafi and of course for the defence of Assad. In Egypt for many decades the Coptic Christian leaders were in an alliance with Mubarak. It was far from perfect for the Copts but they KNEW that Mubarak stood between them and the Muslim Brotherhood. There is a great lesson in that.

The opposition of Gadhafi to these Fascist Islamists was so deep that he was prepared to enter into an alliance with George Bush and with Tony Blair where the central aim was the defeat of the Islamists – then Al Qaida – but with roots in the Libyan historical scene. Gadhafi had always been opposed to these Fascist Forces.

It was the same with Saddam. The main turning point for Saddam was the iranian Islamist Revolution of 1979. Saddam knew very well that that form of Fascist Islam pointed directly at the heart of his secularism in Iraq.

Now here is the thing. All of those three leaders were also Antisemitic in different degrees but they were all Antisemitic. But the trap for Jews is that – saying that does not really say very much at all.

It was necessary to defend these secular leaders despite these real differences against a very serious enemy.

That is a step that the Israeli leaders were not able to take at any point. The result of that inability to lead meant that Israel on this vital front was always following like a slave behind Obama and his disastrous foreign policy. Many of the poorest people have paid for their lives in the most grizly and inhuman fashion.

That is serious for Israel and for Jews in general. it will prove to be very serious.

There is a deep crisis of leadership in Israel at a very deep level.

Jews are again in great danger of being labelled by the failure of weak leadership.


What a great and simple map. This is what the issue is all about. It shows one thing above all others that a “Palestinian” Arab state would go very close to cutting Israel into two parts. The great thing about this map is that in its stark simplicity it shows the “Palestinian” state LOOKING DOWN ON the Jews huddled in the Coastal Plain, with a Hamas front to the south and a Hizbullah to the North. To complete it we have to visualise Iran advancing through Iraq and possibly Jordan to the East. The sea is on the West!!! (MAP FROM EXCELLENT WORK OF JMA editor Richard Mather)

Sometimes it pays to simplify. I do believe in KISS (keep it simple stupid)

The map that produces here from the excellent work of JMA editor Richard Mather strips all the Cameron and Blair and Obama and Bush rhetoric and a thousand others lies and shows the stark truth.

The 2 state “solution” will:

1. cut Israel cleanly in two

2. create a state for Jihadists (almost certainly Jihadists will lead it of whatever name Hamas, Islamic State etc.) which will stare down on the Jews along the coastal plain and which will be a complete disaster FOR ALL including the Palestinian Arabs but genocide in store for the Jews AGAIN.

And Antisemitic Conspiracy Theorists say Jews make too much of the Holocaust. Jews in these conditions (as well as simple memory of their people) CANNOT make too much of the Holocaust. In fact they are far too reticent on the history.

That is especially so when you take into account that Hajj Amin el Husseini was the leader of the Palestinian Arabs and played a central role in the Holocaust AND HERE THEY ARE AGAIN!

To fill in on the detail of such a disaster visit on google the excellent commentaries of Martin Sherman. They leave no doubt about the outcome.